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action nan and other inspirational people

Action Nan and other Inspirational People

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” and it would appear that the following people took his words to heart. Stay with us as we document people who have attempted to create a better tomorrow by merely showing us that change is possible. Let us know your favorite.

Action Nan, a retired school teacher, living in Cornwall, England, after watching a documentary called “A Plastic Ocean,” was so shocked that she had to do something about it.

Realizing that she had seen the damage plastics and other rubbish had done to her favorite Cornish beach, the 71-year-old grandmother sprang into action. “Action Nan,” as she has now been named, armed herself with a litter picker and recycling bags before descending to her favorite beach, where she set about cleaning it from the shoreline to the promenade.

Action Nan’s”  initial clean picked up everything from plastic bottles, old fishing nets which had been swept in on the evening tide, and other items too disgusting to write about.

Many of us would have looked on at our work with pride and left it there, but not “Action Nan.” She would spend the following 52 weeks (that’s a whole year) cleaning 52 other beaches in her beloved Cornish County. You can read her full story by visiting the link below. By the way, so impressed was her grandchild that she now spends her lunch hour keeping the grounds of her school free from litter.

Action Nan cleans 52 Cornish Beaches of Rubish.

Florida man clears off all lunch debts in 9 different schools.

Have to admit this one shocked me. I must have had my head in the sand. It would appear that ever since July 2017, the  US Department of Agriculture required that all schools develop programs that would ensure that all students who cannot afford a hot lunch got one. Nothing wrong with that, you would say. However, the schools were prohibited from using federal funds to achieve this, meaning that the schools would have to take money away from their education budgets to pay for the lunches.

This is not a small problem; unpaid school meal debt in one of the world's wealthiest countries ranges from single digits in some schools to more than $856,000 in other localities. One well-meaning but unfortunate dinner lady who gave a free lunch to a schoolchild to understand that he would pay for it the following day was fired. In other shocking incidents, for reasons unknown, some schools even shamed students who could not afford lunch by stamping their hands with a rubber stamp or forced them to work for their lunch.

For one man, Andrew Levy, a real estate agent, working in Palm Beach gardens the above situation was too much for him to swallow. So without any hesitation whatsoever, he found out just how many school kids owed money to the school boards for their meals and paid the outstanding amount to the nine affected schools in his local area of Jupiter. It has to be said that apart from having his business in the place, he had no other connection with the schools. (The total he paid amounted to just under a thousand dollars)

The cynics amongst us may say yes, what a wonderful gesture, but he probably only did it to publicize his real estate business. However, this would be unfair because if it were not for a grateful community member, no one would have ever heard about it. Furthermore, the kindly real estate broker intends to go even further by setting up a GoFundMe pageto raise money every quarter to ensure that lunch debt never accumulates ever again, thus ensuring kids in his local area have access to a hot school lunch every day without any stigma attached to it whatsoever. Find out how you can help by using the following link.

How to Break an Addiction the Smart Way

Most of us have been there, your out for a quiet meal with your wife or partner only to have a stranger sitting on an adjacent table holding a oneway conversation with a work colleague or worse still, insisting on showing all his or her holiday snaps on a newly purchased smartphone, thus ruining the night for all in the restaurant. Yes, smartphone addiction has become a global problem, so much so that many of us cannot live without them.

Well, thanks to three young entrepreneurs studying at the “Copenhagen Business School,” this may soon be a thing of the past with a new app designed especially for students to make them more productive in class.

The app called “Hold” is a free app that tracks how many minutes a student spends on their smartphone over a twenty-four-hour period.

As one of the co-founders, Maths Mathisen, said, the “Hold App” idea is simple in itself. Instead of punishing students for using their smartphones, the app awards points to pupils who show restraint, points which can then be cashed in to buy products or services, like cinema tickets, enter competitions or even donate their points to a chosen charity of their choice via the app’s marketplace.

Initial indications as to the “Hold App” success seem to be extremely good, with universities in both Scandinavia and the UK reporting much higher student concentration levels as students ignore their smartphones commonly found in their back pockets.

If you would like to get this free app for yourself or a friend, you can by using the following link:

Well, that is it, folks, we have come to the end of another short, good news narrative made possible by America’s favorite place to shop online in 2019 BargainBrute.Com, I do hope you enjoyed it and I thank you for reading.

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