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Welcome to BargainBrute.Com, home of the Colorado Furniture Mart, a home designer's online paradise. Voted the best place to shop online in 2019, you can be sure to get the best online deals and bargains shipped directly to your door, free of charge on most items. So, whether you are looking for just one extraordinary item of furniture to place in your already opulent surroundings or looking to furnish the whole house, you will find it at the Colorado Furniture Mart located nuzzled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Come and explore the world of furniture with us. You will never see furniture in the same light, ever again.

Some 300,000 million years ago, the land beneath what was to become Colorado lifted, forming large Lyon Sandstone outcrops. In time this would become what we now know as the Rocky Mountains, the future home of Colorado Furniture Mart. There were no humans around at this time. The continents as we know of them today did not exist. The majestic Rocky Mountains at that time formed just part of the super-continent, Pangaea. This was a place ruled by the dinosaurs and other unimaginable creatures.

The beginning

As we know of them today, the continents were formed, and life for Earth’s creatures continued to stroll on for at least another 250,000 million years. There were still no humans, and the giants still ruled the land. Then purely by chance, two-legged beings started to emerge, and our planet would never be the same again.  The animals of the world watched as humans plundered the land and, in the process, poisoned the atmosphere while blanketing the grasslands with the refuse of their lifestyle, and the animals started to die.

Authors note: Did you know that in the space of just one human lifespan, over 60% of the world's known species have perished.

The birth of a furniture

Archaeological experts believe that we humans used natural objects such as tree stumps, rocks, and moss, from the beginning of time. However, about 30,000 short years later, we started to make things out of wood, stone, and even animal bones to enrich our homes for reasons unknown to us. Suffice to say, though, if you were to have visited one of these ancient homes, the type of furniture you would have found there would definitely not be up to the standard you would accept from companies like the Colorado Furniture Mart.  They have in stock and ready to ship directly to your door, some of the most amazingly designed furniture the worldwide web has to offer.

There is impressive proof of the above on the small island of Skara Brae, just off the coast of Scotland in the United Kingdom. For many centuries, hidden beneath the earth and only made visible by a significant storm that wreaked havoc on the small island was found a completely un-touched small village. Found here was a house that contained rooms completely modeled in carved stone. There were items that you could have very quickly ordered from your favorite online shopping mall in Colorado if they were there at that time.  The items were all exposed for visitors to see. Cupboards, beds, and dressing tables were just a few of the items that had withstood the time's hardships.  For all intents and purposes, they could have even still been used today. I have included the link for this fantastic place above. I would advise you to have a look. It is perhaps one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen.

For furniture that resembles today's furniture, you have to go to ancient Egypt, which, by using sophisticated joinery techniques, made furniture for not only their own homes but also for the Pharoh himself. The age of the multipurpose furniture shops had, at last, dawned, with ornate couches, tables, beds often decorated with jewels, gold, and even ivory were now commonplace, and they also had, just like BargainBrute.Com their own distribution network. Alas, not day after delivery, or free of charge on most items like our friends at the Colorado Furniture Mart, simply because they had to rely on camels to deliver their products, unlike the fast and security-conscious safe online shopping mall of BargainBrute.Com.

To renovate or not to renovate

I may be one of the lucky ones, depends on which way you look at it. My good lady wife of 45 years will not let me near anything that resembles a renovation tool, and perhaps with good reason.

Quite some time ago, we owned a small house situated within the beautiful Cotswold hills of the United Kingdom. We had one of those integral garages which had outgrown its use, mainly because I put my foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake peddle, thus driving my car straight through the door and, in doing so, demolished it.

Thus, like any good lady who does not want to look a gift horse in the mouth, she decided we would change the garage into a new kitchen. By the way, if you ever decide to do this, rest assured your good old online Colorado Furniture Mart has all you require, including the old preverbal kitchen sink, and as regular readers know, delivered directly to your door.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after watching my wife ringing around every contractor in the neighborhood to no avail, I told her I would do it myself. To my amazement, she readily agreed, so off we went to order all the stuff. We needed everything, dishwasher, stove, fridge, freezers and of course kitchen cupboards, all by the way available from, yes you know, the Colorado Furniture Mart.

Everything went fine for the first couple of weeks. As for me, well, I was in my element, a pencil stuck behind my ear, one of the most enormous tool belts I have seen in my life strapped to my waist packed with tools I did not even know the name of, let alone how to use. Still, I felt great also offering advice to anyone I saw at my local hardware shop whether they wanted help or not.

Then with all done, with just the cupboard doors to put on, I surveyed my work. Looks lovely, I thought. Even the wife offered her approval as I went to the storage area to locate the cupboard doors, only to find they were nowhere to be found. Where were they? I thought to myself while checking the delivery slip. I had no idea. They must have forgotten to deliver them. I thought, ah yes, that’s right, so I called the local hardware.

Where are my doors I demanded of the young girl on the phone? Well, she replied; they were delivered. It says so on the delivery slip you signed. They're not here, I confidently replied. Hang on, she said while I ask outback, OK, but they definitely are not here. Hang on, please, she once again replied.

After what seemed a lifetime, she came back to the phone. Sir, sorry for the delay, but did you check the kitchen cabinets' back, as we usually tape the doors there for shipping. Of course, I did, I replied indigently, then, and only after a long pause did I pluck up enough courage to utter, you wouldn’t have some more doors in stock, would you? Of course, we do, she replied. I will be right down. I embarrassingly said, yes, you guessed right, I had installed all the cabinets with the doors stuck on the back.

Did I take them off? No, I just installed the new doors where they should have been in the first place, so if you are ever in the Cotswolds in the United Kingdom looking for a new house, first check the kitchen cupboards before you buy.

As usual, it has been an extreme pleasure to talk with you all, and please don’t forget if you are going to remodel your house, the online shopping mall BargainBrute.Com through their Colorado Furniture Mart has everything you require, and with the best quality products with bargain prices anywhere on the online community, you can't go wrong.

God Bless and Happy Renovating.

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