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benefits of scent grouping for men

Perfume for MenGetting your desired cologne for men is not easy especially when you have to smell several of them, they tend to have the same scent.  This should not be happening in the 21st century where perfume classification has become popular. This is of benefit, not only to the men who love perfumes, but it is of great benefit to the industry as well. It saves time and makes it easier when buying.


Classification Benefits of Perfume for Men

There are benefits that come with classification and grouping of perfumes for men. It helps in selecting the perfumes that one prefers and with this; you can make informed decisions whether you are buying for personal use or for a friend. Whether you need a perfume that lasts long, a fresh scent, or even an outdoor one.  With classification, it will be easy for you.



One of the main classifications of colognes for men is Fougere. If you are looking for cologne for men with a sharp woody or herbaceous scent, this is the class to check in. These kinds of perfumes are built on a base of coumarin, lavender, and oakmoss. Fougere which is derived from the French also has subcategories such as aromatic, fruity, spicy, and amber.


Citrus Perfume for Men

For a lot of fresh citrus notes, this is the class to consider for a perfume for men. Although it was initially there, this category is considered modern with its primarily citrus fragrances.  Spicy, floral chypre, woody, aromatic, and floral woody citrus are the sub categories.



For a great outdoor cologne for men, you should consider the chypre family. Coming from the French word Cyprus, this is a popular category for men with subcategories such as fruity, floral, floral aldehydic, and green chypre. Most of these perfumes are based on oakmoss, labdanum, bergamot, and patchouli.


Green Cologne for Men

Another great category to get an amazing perfume for men is the Green. It is for those looking for a fresh scent. They smell of hay notes and fresh cut grass that has been mixed with herbaceous and light fruity notes. Lavender, pine, galbanum, and rosemary are popularly used.


Leather Perfume for Men

Consisting of tobacco and floral leather, leather is a category where you find amazing colognes. Reminding you of some leather, these perfumes have deep notes of not only wood but also honey, amber, wood tars, and tobacco. Colognes in this category elude the scent of leather.

For perfume lovers, one of the most important things you can do is to learn more about perfumes through classification and grouping. It is an exciting world that you have to discover for yourself to ensure you always have your most preferred perfume. You not only learn about the fragrance notes, but you also learn more about the ingredients. It becomes easier when selecting a perfume for men. You can opt for a modern or traditional scent depending on your preferences.






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