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how green tea helps you get back in shape

Green tea is an essential item for getting back into shape.  With regular exercise, it is absolutely critical that you change your diet to get leaner and fit for the summer.  Continue with a good routine and you’re all set to get back in shape.  Consistency is key, however.

Make the most out of your workouts by having green tea, which helps cleanse your body of toxic chemicals that may build up during exercise.  Green tea has anti-oxidants that possess properties to help ward off deadly diseases such as cancer while getting rid of your body’s fat cells.  Here’s how it happens.

1.    Get A Boost In Metabolism

You may not think much of it but your body is constantly burning calories.  But then why are you getting fat?  It’s just the mater of intake and output.  You are taking in more calories than you are using up.

The body’s cells are working as they should while we sit and even sleep.  You’re just overloading the system and need a boost.  Studies have found that the body can burn more calories (3-4%) when we drink green teas.  For someone who burns 1500 calories a day, a 4% increase means an extra 60 calories are burnt with the same amount of activity.

This means you can get back in shape with regular consumption of green teas.  To order some Alvita Chinese green tea click here.

2.    Gets Your Fat Cells Moving

The fats must be broken down from their complex states stored in different parts of your body, in order to be made usable.  It must flow into the bloodstream to be used as energy in the rest of the body.  Your body’s hormones play a very important role in this process.

Many green teas have antioxidants such as EGCG, which helps stop a pesky enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine, a naturally produced hormone in the body, that is responsible for the breakdown of fats.  With more available norepinephrine in the body, the fat is converted more readily to energy which help you get back in shape.

3.    Fat Burning Ingredients In Green Tea

Almost all green teas have special ingredients to help you burn fat.  Antioxidants we already covered; others include caffeine.  Coffee and regular tea does have it but in extremely large quantities.  Green teas are a healthier alternative that do have caffeine but in slight to moderate amounts.  They occur naturally and are enough to do the job of fat burning assistance.

4.    Increases The Effects Of Exercise

Many supplements have green tea as a special secret ingredient.  This is because it is a well-known secret that green teas do help you burn fat, especially while you exercise.  Resting and exercising periods, both show increased fat burning when green tea is consumed, showed one 8-week study.

Continued use of green teas increases fat burning over long periods of time and makes you lean and fit.  So go shopping for green teas and have them before your exercise routines and experience these benefits first hand.






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