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4 reasons the fisherman loves to fish

Waking up way too early while it’s still dark, packing edibles, picking out your lucky rod, and getting some worms on the way for bait - sounds familiar?

Fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes for the fisherman who just loves to fish.  People look forward to the weekend or holidays to take time out for fishing.  It’s a relaxing experience - a call to nature that unifies man with the wild.  However, for many, it’s an extremely boring and laborious activity.  Having to pack a bunch of gear, unloading the boat, going all the way out to that lake or sea, waiting hours on end without a single bite, and the reward you might get at the end of the day?  A bunch of slimy fish, if you’re lucky.

Fishing has its own set of advantages and good points.  Many of these benefits are something fishing enthusiasts amongst us are aware of and many are unfamiliar to us too.  Let’s go through the upside of fishing.

  • It’s a good aerobic workout: We may not have even noticed it, but going land fishing which usually involves trekking to locations like a cliff hanging off on the face of a lake or sea isn’t really a stroll in the park.  You actually burn a bunch of calories and utilize various muscle groups of your body making that trek.  Also, reeling in fish involves a great deal of work from the forearms and biceps.  Additionally, over a period of time, your fingers become more receptive to the slightest tingle in the fishing line, and can also increase your dexterity.
  • Natural intake of vitamin D: Every time you go out fishing, you are bound to load up more than your daily recommended allowance for Vitamin D, even if it’s cloudy.  Sun is a rich source of vitamin D for our bodies, and spending all those hours under the sun prevents any unforeseen vitamin D deficiencies.  Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient required for calcium absorption to take place across the ileum membrane and into our blood stream.
  • Promotes family bonding: Your dad hasn’t been nagging you to go out to that fishing trip with him on the weekend for nothing.  Fishing is an excellent activity for bonding, and is a skill passed on from generation to generations.  Your dad wants to teach it to you the way his dad taught him.  Children might not find many things they have in common with their dad or granddads, but going out fishing with either one of them to learn a new skill and share the joy of catching fish all on your own, will make memories you will never forget.
  • It teaches you patience: In today’s fast paced age, it’s nice to get away from the over stimulation to something as relaxing as fishing.  It not only helps you unwind but fishing also teaches you the valuable trait of patience.  You might have to wait a long time before you even get a nibble, let alone catch a fish.  You’ll develop persistence and learn how it’s rewarding at the end.  Ended up in a bad spot?  Change the spot and wait some more until you find fish.  It teaches you the valuable lesson of keeping at it until you’re done.





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