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shopping for your perfect engagement ring

Different engagement rings suit different types of fingers.  Everyone loves a ring that complements their unique finger shape and size whether short, long, slender or wide.  Your engagement is one of the most memorable events of your life, and the right engagement ring can make it perfect.

It is not necessary that all rings in the display case look equally good on your fingers, so it is important for you to know which type of rings are best suited for your fingers.  Here is how you can choose your perfect engagement ring.

1. Shopping for Hands with Long Fingers

If you have got long and thin fingers, you can find an engagement ring for yourself easily.  Such fingers are a blessing.  You can wear large stones, and single stone solitaire settings will look perfect on them.  Moreover, princess-cut and other round stones, can add beauty to your hands.  Shopping for Engagement rings such as our White Gold Channel Set Engagement Ring with Engraved Sides are best for such hands.  If you plan to wear bands, get wider ones to complement the length.  You can easily carry a bold style.

2. Hands with Slender Fingers

If you have got hands with slender fingers, make sure you do not overpower them.  You must wear smaller stones that can help make your thin fingers appear wider.  If you plan to wear bands, then thicker bands, such as our White Gold Double Band Round Diamond Eternity Ring will work well on your slender fingers.

3. Shopping for Hands with Short Fingers

The best engagement ring for short fingers is the one that can make them appear longer.  Rings with oval or pear shaped stones are the ones that can help lengthen their appearance.  You can also wear rectangular emerald shaped stones, only if they are not too big to suit your fingers.  If you are planning to buy a band, then a slender band with little width, such as our White Gold Engraved Fishtail V Pave Diamond Wedding Ring Band can be the perfect choice for your hands.

4. Shopping for Hands with Wide Fingers

If you have got wide fingers, you must choose a style that does not show a lot of skin on any side of the ring.  You can opt for a wide oval, or even rectangular shaped stone to make your fingers appear thinner.  A medium to thick band such as our White Gold Eternity Ring with Baguette Diamonds is the perfect choice for such fingers.

Having wide fingers also allows you to try a range of ring styles from funky to classic.  You can choose for cluster style round stones, such as our White Gold Curved Shank Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds, or even angular shapes to minimize your finger’s width.

5. Big Knuckles

Wearing the right ring on your finger can easily draw attention away from your big knuckles that you hate to show.  Go for thicker and heavier rings and bands in such a case because your hands must look beautiful too, just like your fingers.






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