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eczema care, read how this family defeated it

      Eczema is a heartbreaking skin condition that affects both young and old.  I want to briefly tell you a little bit about the Vandergraph family first, our experience with childhood eczema and adult onset eczema, and how we seem to have resolved the condition completely.  I do not have any ownership in the products I will recommend in this article, nor am I making any medical claims.  I am just a loving father who along with his wife tried everything and found one thing that worked for our children and myself.
     Most folks know me as a loving father and successful businessman.  I spend most everyday professing my love for my family, as they are my everything.  When my daughters were born we embarked on a social parenting experiment.  What would our girls become if we just spent the next 20 years telling them they could, that they were beautiful, and that we loved them.  We would homeschool them from day 1, emphesize money, love for their fellow human, and self confidence, and education. Most parents plan to do these exact things, but excuses and life appear to get in the way.  My dad was killed when I was 9, so I grew up without one.  I made a solid commitment that if ever one day I would have kids of my own, I would be that father I never had.  

     It is hard to grow up without a father.  You spend your childhood looking to every man and asking the question, "Should I be like you?, or Oh, I should do that."  The obvious problem is that you look to the good and the bad.  It really is the flip of a coin, and this struggle proved to me how important it is for there to be a loving parental authority in every childs life.  Our kids need us.  I needed someone, and I still do.  My wife and my children.  The more time and emphasis I put into and on my wife and children, the more we seem to accomplish.  The more we seem to have.  It works like magic 

     At the age of 16 I was in a horrific car accident that took my life.  At the time I was considered the longest clinically documented death case in America.  The resulting injuries left me a stroke victim with permenant partial paralysis on the left side of my body.  Again, if I were ever to haved kids, I would want to be that father I never had.  It seemed very doubtful to me that I would ever have that opportunity. I later, down the road, found out that life can surprise you.

     Our first daughter, Sarah Vandergraph, is now 10 years old, in highschool as a Sophmore, and owns the international fashion distribution network called Sarah's Fashions.  She recently opened a new innovative company called  She has license to the t-shirts over 1885 bands do not sell while on tour or having a concert.  She will now sell those shirts to the public at a discount.  I think most are around $17 a piece.  She is active in the community, with her customers, and is just a really great human being.

     Our second daughter, Audrey Vandergraph, is now 7 years old and owns a International Art Distribution Network called Her company has license to ove 397,000 different pieces of art.  Businessweek recently called her the Youngest Senior Executive in the United States.  Audrey is the heart of our household.  Her passion for people and her amazing character will continue to serve her well into adulthood.  Did I mention that she will be doing 5th grade schoolwork this year.  It is true and all because she has earned it.  She recently tested as gifted in the State of Colorado.  The state tester indicated she scored better than any child they have tested in recent years.  Truly amazing!

     It is Audrey whom was tormented as a baby with the redness and scale on her legs.  We visited traditional doctors and made every effort as indicated by their expertise to remedy her discomfort.  we talked to other parents and googled for any wisdom to be found.  It was a normal course of events for either myself or my wife to lotion Audrey every time after bathing.  We lived in Arizona for the first 3 years of her life and the dryness of the air along with her horrible eczema mandated moisture from the best moisturizers money could buy.

     That is a point I want to make.  Eczema does not care if you are rich or poor.  It is does not care if the diagnosing doctor is a Harvard grad, or a med tech.  Eczema is a careless S.O.B.  I need to become a dermatologist.  It has got to be the best profession in the world.  Your patients never die, and they just keep coming back for more.  It was here try this , and oops lets try something else.  Nothing was working.  My baby girl, my heart, my love was suffering and these people/doctors were taking my money, yet not helping her.  

     Never was there a thought to giving up, yet the solution happened quite by accident.  We were shoppong at Whole Foods, and buying the hypoallergenic version of everything.  We all were eating organic everything.  We even tried vegan, vegeterian, and whatever else was part of that months recommendation.  One day my wife sent me to Whole Foods with a list.  Our normal organic, hypoallergenic baby lotion was sold out.  I read labels and picked what I felt was the next best thing.  I grabbed a bottle of Weleda baby lotion.  It has an active ingredient known as calendula.  

     I want to say once again that I am in no way affiliated with Weleda.  We used the lotion, and slowly, day by day the eczema began to clear up.  I have no idea why it worked, or what the science is behind it.  I am just a loving parent who accidentally and Thankfully used somthing that worked for my child.  Audrey still uses the lotion every day.  She had eczema from a few months old until the age of 3.  It was terrible, horrible, and no good.  Now it is gone and has been gone for 4 years.  The lotion is the only thing we used differently.  We stopped all other treatment and observe a normal American diet.

     Funny little extra... A few months ago I started getting adult-onset eczema on my right arm and right hand.  It was ugly and only seemed to get worse with each passing week.  I found myself hiding my hand under the table at meetings.  Kind of hard for me to do since I can only use my right hand and arm.  I lost 90% use of my left arm to the stroke I had at the age of 16.  I used the Weleda baby lotion, and within a week there was a noticeable difference.  The eczema is now gone.  I did nothing else, and used no other treatment, just this baby lotion.  I am not making any claims, but my testimony should be very clear to you.  

I was watched Tank the other day, and Mark Cuban mentioned that he has also suffered from eczema during his childhood.  As I listened to him speak, every bad memory filled my mind as my anxiety went through the roof.  Truly the rules are the same for us all.  We have both experienced great success, yet that success has rendered none of our families immune from the eczema scourge.  I then decided to sit down and write about our experience.  Upon reading this I hope you find health for yourself and your family.  If you or someone you know has eczema, we offer you our experience.
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Kind Regards,
Douglas Vandergraph


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