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5 summer grooming shopping tips for your pet dog

Did you know that this year, around 89.7 million dogs have lived in households in the United States of America as pets?  Dogs are excellent companions.  There is so much to love about them.  They’re more intelligent than most think, very receptive to emotion, make for excellent guards, and possess a level of cuteness almost unmatched by any other pet.  You can form a connection with your dog that you wouldn’t be able to form with another animal.  Maybe that’s why there are so many dogs in American households after all.  Dogs love the outdoors and require their share of exercise which is usually made for with regular walks.

However, despite the outgoing inclination of dogs, there are some ways you could make sure your dogs are healthy, happy, and squeaky clean at all times.  Let’s go through some of them!

  1. Clean your dog’s ear: Dogs love to swim in lakes, ponds, swimming pools, or whatever big enough body of water they can find.  The summer sun also plays its part here.  Ears are one of those parts dog owners tend to miss out when giving the dog a bath and cleaning them.

Dogs might carry bacteria along with them from the swim in the lake or rubbing themselves in the dirt.  You might rinse it off their coat, but most miss the ears and it can lead to ear infections.  You can use canine ear cleaning solutions to clean your dog’s ears thoroughly no matter where he’s been.

  1. Trim the pad hair:Amongst the prominent concern of pet owners is dogs bringing mud and dirt on their paws into the house and making a mess inside your home.  It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, you must keep the hair between its paws short.  This will prevent the paws from dragging in mess and additionally, will keep it from slipping on the house floor too.
  2. Choose the right dog food: You can make your dog’s coat looking nice and shiny regardless of its breed.  A nice shiny fur coat is an indication of good health and nutrition, and is the key for achieving that.  Ask your vet for pet supplies recommendations that contain the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins. and minerals for your pet.  Choosing high quality brands will give your dog the balanced diet that it needs to stay fit and healthy.
  3. Use shedding tools for double coated dogs: Double-coated dog breeds like Labradors and most Shepherds have a thick luscious coat that sheds itself when the hot summer months approach which makes shaving them kind of redundant.  Instead, use one of those dog combs with an attachable clipper at the end that thin your dog’s coat, and serves as a de-shedding tool.  These can be bought by shopping most any pet supermarket.
  4. Don’t use antibiotics for tear staining: Tear stains on your dog is a natural phenomenon occurring due toporphyrin (a broken down chemical found in blood) interacts with light and oxidizes, leaving a yellowish stain.  This is a cosmetic problem and too many pet owners use over–the-counter antibiotics to treat the tear staining problem.  These drugs contain an unspecified amount of antibiotics which can results in antibiotic resistance in dogs.  Instead, try a simple non-antibiotic approach by gently washing out the stained area on your pupper’s fur.





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