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Find Bargains

If you are determined enough to "find bargains," then join us today as we go on safari to hunt down those sometimes hard-to-find top-quality bargains. Of course, as usual, we will supply your own specialized safari guide, not just any guide, mind you, but America's much-loved place to shop online, "BargainBrute.Com."

Yes, I can assure you, you cannot be in better hands. As BargainBrute, has over the years become home to the hottest deals to be found anywhere on the worldwide stage, so go and give them a try and then join the millions who have chosen "BargainBrute," above all other online shopping retailers, to shop online from the comfort of there homes.

Since the beginning of time, we humans have always loved a good bargain hunt and probably, still will. I mean to say it's just a matter of good old human nature.

There is something mighty gratifying knowing that you are about to save a bit of cash. Since online shopping has become a national pastime, then online retailers, or at least the good ones, will ensure they have as many hot high-quality deals in stock, ready to be delivered to make all our hunting safaris as satisfying and enjoyable as possible.

So here we go. We are on the savanna, and the hunt begins. Who knows what we will find, who knows who will have the lion's share as our guide heads for the horizon shimmering in the far off distance, beckoning us deep into the unknown.

The mighty online shopping sites like "Amazon," "eBay," and "BargainBrute," are a good starting-off place when you are hoping to "find bargains." However, it would be best if you remembered to go back regularly as all have incredible hot bargains that do change daily and even in some cases more than once in a twenty-four-hour period. Anyway, it is always good practice to check back at regular intervals as you will not miss any new items which have just become available. This is important because sometimes they do not advertise these new items.

As we continued our Trex over the savanna, the sun which had been beaming down on us throughout the day was beginning to set, sinking gracefully towards the horizon. We knew that soon we would need to find shelter for the night, knowing that the nights could be cold even here.

However, just before the sun dipped under the horizon, lighting the distant horizon sky crimson red, an iconic reflection of a large lady holding a glowing lantern to the skies came into view. It was the lady of the lamp, more commonly known as the Statue of Liberty. Yes, it was New York's skyline, and what better place to find bargains than in the big apple, the city which never sleeps.

Yes, although shopping online is the most comfortable way to shop when we are on holiday and out acting like we should, being a tourist, there is nothing wrong about going out into the streets while sightseeing and looking for a few bargains on the way.

"New York City" is renown for, among other things, having the most chain stores, camera shops, and gadgety electronic shops you can find anywhere when out shopping at traditional brick and mortar outlets. Let's face it, we are on holiday, and for once, we have a little bit of time on our hands to actually stroll around and explore, something our safari guide seems intent on doing.

So if you do end up in New York City, here is a quick guide as to where you can find bargains at one of the many retail outlets. However, if you are not on holiday, do not fret, as you can find most of these somewhere when searching the web. Just be careful, as I have no idea if they are legit. As always, check them all out entirely before you even think of shopping online with them.

OK, on with our stroll. Our first stop is outside a rather quaint shop going by the name of "B&H," which specializes in electronics of all kinds situated on the ninth avenue at the corner of 34th Street, so you will have absolutely no problems finding them. The same can be said for another electronics shop, "J&R," just down the road close to "City Hall Park."

Well, now we have a new camera in hand along with a walker's "GPS" gadget. Nothing can stop us. It's time for us to get out of the clothes we have been wearing all day while roaming over the Savana, so we punch in the details of the nearest clothing district and continue on our way.

It did not take long, and after stopping for a good old New York hotdog, purchased from a funny old gentleman pushing a cart while dancing to the sixties' sounds, we ended up in the "Wholesale Garment District," which runs from 36th street and 39th street. The area to go if you are looking for clothing bargains without the designer brand label, you can buy in bulk from these shops or singularly they do not mind.

If designer brands without the labels are not your choice, then head up to the Fordham Road situated not far from the wholesale area in the Bronx, where you will find all sorts just hanging on racks awaiting pick up by an intrepid explorer, and that includes our safari guide who seems to be disappearing under the weight of bargains he has picked up on the way.

Then quite suddenly, our newfound "GPS" system suddenly starts to cry out. We had arrived apparently on Cortland Street, home to the famous "," a must for discounted designer clothing and accessories, where once again our safari guide, after leaving all his boxes and other bargains he had found on our safari with us with orders not to move. He arrived back with us sometime later were, without a word, continued up to a large grey building just down the road. The iconic building we all know as "Macy's," which just happened at the time along with their main competitor, "Lord and Taylor," had the sale of all sales going on. We never saw our safari guide again, and you know what? Even today, if you walk along the streets of "Manhattan," just after the sun goes down, you can still see signs saying, "Lookout for the Safari Guide."

You know, I still wonder where he went because only a few years later, a brand new walker, "GPS," was found lying on the street, and it still had the price ticket on it. So in ending, if anyone should come across him, please drop us a line.


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