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Everyone needs a hobby, as the old saying goes, and in the fast-paced world we live in today never was a saying more true. Most of us have been there, we work all day in an adrenaline-pumping job only to come home and not able to switch off, essentially we might have well stayed at work.

Luckily for us, now, thanks to online shopping, it is easy for us to find some form of a hobby to put the workplace where it should be, on the back burner., one of the top online shopping stores thankfully has the answer, so why not join the online revolution and become a “Diecast Car Hobbyist”  or if you are one of the millions who are already enthusiasts of the hobby, just pay a visit to find all your Diecast supplies.

Once inside their online shopping mall store, Diecast Hobbyist, you will see packed in every nook and cranny beautiful diecast model cars and trucks.  The inventory includes the ever famous Alfa Romeo models along with James Bonds famous Aston Martin, and the sleek model Ferrari. Impressed, well that’s just to whet your appetite, much much more awaits the savvy online shopper seeking those best internet deals on more that 50,000 different diecast cars, trucks, and models. They even include free delivery on all purchases giving even more savings.

The team at the online store situated in Fort Collins, Colorado has gone out of their way to make your online shopping as easy as they can, and always offers the best shopping deals on over 3 million different products. They even give out bargain coupons to their loyal customers.

The birth of the Diecast Car Hobby.

Although people have been collecting cars for many years, back in 1997 Michael Knab and Jay Olins created the Diecast Zone.  This was a website on behalf of his ad agency client, Revell-Monogram, who had created a new scale (1:20th) model to compete against Franklin Mint.  Franklin Mint had some years earlier popularised the hobby of collecting scaled model cars.

Michael Knab knew that at the time when Franklin Mint had popularised the hobby there was no Internet. With this in mind he knew that he would have a distinct advantage if he were to be the first to popularise this on the World Wide Web. The rest is history, and now the sale of Diecast Car models has exploded across the world, making the Diecast Car Hobby what it is today, enjoyed by millions.

What distinguishes these Diecast Car models from other model cars?

First of all, these Diecast Car Models are not like the little models you once found in a box of Crackerjack or a Christmas Cracker, they are scaled and made to perfection. If you were able to shrink yourself down to their scale, you would find yourself standing next to a brand new car. That’s how detailed they are, and because of this, they become highly collectable. This is why the market for them today is so great.

How do I know what sort of Diecast Car Model to buy if I want to start collecting?

All are good as they are such high quality, but it would seem that the most popular sized Diecast Car is at a scale of 1:43, apart from that the choice is yours. However, some collectors will collect their favourite brand of car, while others mix and match whatever takes their fancy. However, If you do intend to assemble your model cars for investment opportunities, then you must keep your models in pristine condition, and I mean, as if they have just come out of the box. Some even leave them in the box and never think of opening them.

Another reason as to their popularity is their gigantic selection. Diecast Hobbyist on has over 50,000 different Firetrucks, sports cars, police cars and of course the classics. Plus, every now and again the makers of Diecast Cars come out with special editions for Diecast Hobbyist exclusively, which by themselves are incredibly collectable and make a good investment for the future.


The above is why and the 49 stores on their website were voted “The best place to shop online in 2019”.   You can rest assured that they will always have those special editions in stock whenever you want them, Furthermore. With their award-winning customer service open 24 hours / 7days a week, you can be sure that your Diecast car hobby experience will only get better no matter how long you have been collecting.


The Model Car Hall of Fame

Yes, you read it correctly, so popular is the Diecast car Hobby craze is that they have their own hall of fame which has become an annual awards ceremony held in Las Vegas. In 2017 the event proved so successful that over 70 clubs, forums, and blogs from 18 countries attended.  The ceremony was as opulent as the annual Oscar awards.

Looking back to the 1950s while growing up in the United Kingdom, I can remember a little model car stuffed into the very bottom of my Christmas stocking. One year I got a small red fire engine, one that I kept for years, oh do I wish I had kept hold of them all.

In ending, while writing this short article, I found myself wandering back to my childhood, it was just after the second world war and England was still under both food and resource rationing, but even then the seed was planted with that little red fire engine. A fire engine that  caused me to become a collector of many things throughout my long, and varied life.

So, many thanks for taking the time to read and welcome to the world of the Diecast Car Hobby Revolution. Check the models out, and have fun while doing so.

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