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Save Money with a BargainBrute Piggy Bank

Welcome, all, to another BargainBrute.Com extraordinary short narrative. Today, we will explore the enchanting world of the "Piggy-Bank," an item that I am sure many of you can remember having in your childhood. For one, I can remember receiving my first "Piggy-Bank" many years ago in my Christmas stocking and have to admit still have one, and have continued every year or so to place one in my children's stocking, even though they have all grown into beautiful grownup children.

Before we get to our main story, I thought it would be beneficial if we took a look at a small part of the history of our kind hosts BargainBrute, who just recently was voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Just why they received this extraordinary accolade is relatively straightforward to understand when you take a look at the inner thoughts of its creator "Douglas Vandergraph," who, along with both his team of dedicated customer service agents and his family, have kept something which some other online retail businesses seem to have lost some years ago.

Simply put, they have maintained the same values of a bygone age where both family and business values were that of the highstreet vendor of traditional brick and mortar retail high street businesses.

Yes, they maintained these standards while at the same time organizing their structure alongside today's modern-day online business practices, which in turn has made them what they are, America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

So, with the above in mind, why not pop over and visit this prime example of what a modern-day social operating online business should look like and, of course, operate. I know you will not regret it, and know once you have visited them, you too will join the BargainBrute family of dedicated online businesses.

Ok, now on with our story "Save Money with a BargainBrute Piggy Bank".

The earliest known "Piggy Bank" can be traced back to the 2nd century BC, when in the Greek colony of Priene, an area which today is called "Asia Minor," a Greek scholar decided to take a break from his everyday work and created a small but beautiful miniature "Greek Temple".

Holding his creation in his hand, he then (why we do not know) decided to cut a small slit on the top of his hollow model. There you have it, the birth of what now is known as a "Piggy Bank," which I hasten to add can be found at America's favorite place to shop online "BargainBrute," neatly stored away in one of their nationwide warehouses all of which are scattered throughout the "North American" mainland.  

Many years later, archaeologists would find these "Piggy Banks" or "Money Boxes" as they became known in today's "social media" world, in other well-known places around the world. The first which springs to mind would be "Pompeii," a subject I hope we will take a look at in future BargainBrute articles.

Other places where "Piggy Banks" can be found include the "United Kingdom," the "USA," and "Herculaneum" (an ancient town located close to "Pompei which just like "Pompeii" was destroyed by a volcano which buried the small Italian city under a colossal mound of volcanic ash.)

Authors note: The Volcano which destroyed both "Pompeii" and "Herculaneum" was the famous "Mount Vesuvius" which erupted back in "78 AD", but is still active today, and you can see it quite plainly if you are lucky enough to be sailing the seas of the "Mediterranean," mind you, you will require many "Piggy Banks" to do this today.  

The promotional connection

"Piggy banks," or "Money Boxes," have had a close relationship with advertising regimes both back in "medieval times" and the modern world we live in today. In fact, in today's online world, collectors of these charming recreations of a bygone age have even come up with a modern-day name for them. Today, "Piggy Banks" are known to many as "Still Banks," a phrase first generated at the start of the "20th Century" to replace what was then considered to be a somewhat outdated terminology of a "Mechanical Bank."

Today, this rather portly unassuming object that has survived through thousands of years, and many volcanoes, is used by countless "modern-day" online businesses just like our hosts "BargainBrute." The famous piggy bank is so much so that in this modern social media world, the chosen logo for many online retailers and businesses, thus hopefully extending the life of what is deemed a rather unsightly ornament in some circles.

However, for this writer, the portly but recognizable figure of the lowly "Piggy Bank" will continue to bring back many happy moments, and I am sure it will continue to throughout the rest of my life, a life which today even in the tragic times of this horrid "Coronavirus Pandemic" will, I am sure, be made even better with the help of that old "Greek Piggy Bank," first seen in the ancient colony of "Asia Minor."

Well, my good friends, what else can I say, as usual, I have immensely enjoyed your company and do so much thank you for taking the time to read this "BargainBrute" short narrative. Once again, I guess I only have one thing else to do, and that is to thank you all for reading and, of course, for supporting America's favorite place to shop online, BargainBrute.Com.

Kind Regards and see you all very soon for another BargainBrute.Com short narrative.




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