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Bargain Online Shopping

Welcome back to another online short narrative made possible by our hosts "BargainBrute.Com'" voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020. Today we will take a peek at a few of the qualities to look out for when choosing a good, well-run "Bargain online shopping" website.

Before we get into this important subject, let me first pull up two famous quotes once penned by two world authors and retail analysts. The first of the quotes deal with the actual product, and the second quote deals with the customer side of things.

Peter Drucker: "Quality in any merchandise or amenity is not what the dealer places in a product. It's what the consumer gets out and is willing to pay for".

Subir Chowdhury: "Quality combines people, power, and process power."

I believe these two guys explained in just two simplistic quotes all qualities that should run any business. Of course, there is much more to it, so let's elaborate a tad and find out just what you, the online consumer, are looking for. Remember these are my opinions, you probably have many more, so please do not hesitate to let us know.

First up, you need to find an online retailer who always has a "plentiful supply of merchandise in stock" waiting for you to pick up. You do not want to place an order only to be informed after you have paid for it that it is out of stock and put on their back-order list.

When this happens, some online retailers will either offer you something similar or inform you that you will have to wait until they receive more of the product you originally ordered. However, let's not forget that any online retailer who operates like this already has placed your money in the bank and is making interest in it. It does not sound fair, does it, but some rather dubious companies do, and in fact, make quite a substantial profit by operating this way. They also see it as part of their right.

Next up: "The best Internet deals on the internet." Many online retailers claim that they all have the best deals to be found anywhere on the internet. Now they all cannot be correct, can they?

Sure, some have a few deals which look good when you first spot them. However, check other well-known online retailers first and see if they are also selling that same product and, of course, at what price. Bottom line, you need some form of guarantee from the online company you are thinking of buying the product from.

1: Do they guarantee that the item is the best deal available on the internet.

2:  If not, they will match the price of the cheaper item you have found elsewhere.

Quality of products: Even though some online retailers say they are offering many so-called top-rated deals at bargain prices, some of them, in fact, do not guarantee that the quality of that bargain is of good quality.

Just because you are looking to save money by searching for top deals does not mean that you should receive an item that is of sub-standard quality. After all, you are not saving anything if you end up, after just a few weeks of receiving your so-called bargain, reordering the same product, and pay for it once again as your deal has now become quite expensive. You are finding out by looking at some reviews if the online retailer has a good name and guarantees the quality of all its bargains.

Bargain Coupons: Does your online retailer offer bargain coupons? You know the coupons which they give out to reward both their loyal clients and their new clients. Also make sure you ask how much you have to spend before you are allowed any bargain coupons, and of course what type of products are the bargain coupons valid for. After all, you do not want any discount coupon if it is just helpful for an item that is just being cleared out by the online retailer simply because they cannot shift the product or, as is the case with some companies, that it is substandard or completely useless.

Fast delivery: Make sure you inquire what their delivery policies are. How fast and how do they deliver? Believe it or not, some online retailers do not have much product in-store. What they do is wait to get an order, get your money, then once received they will themselves order the product from one of their suppliers, who will then send that product onto them, which in some cases can take days, even weeks, and even months in some extreme circumstances.

Overall this can take days or weeks, on some occasions, even months, so once again, check their reviews about their delivery times, or better still, enquire directly to them just what their delivery policies are. An excellent online retailer will offer same-day or next-day delivery, so just keep to those who provide this quick standard delivery option at all times.

OK, to summarize what we have gleaned from the above. We have gone through the top five qualities all leading online retailers should have before we think of shopping with them, and what were these?

1: A plentiful supply of merchandise in stock

2: The best internet deals on the internet

3: Quality of products

4: Bargain Coupons

5: Fast delivery

Is there such an online retailer as this? Well, that's funny you asked as, our hosts for this short narrative did not get voted as America's favorite place to shop online in 2020 for nothing. You only have to go over to their website and read their "About Page," and you will see they not only talk about all these qualities, they actually guarantee them. Go over, check them out for yourself by following this link to their "About Page," and once you have done that, I think you will agree that is America's favorite place to shop online, then join the many who have become part of the BargainBrute family.


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