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Deal of the Day the BargainBrute Way

The deal of the day online shopping format gained popularity back in 2004. Although achieving some mediocre success it did not really become an integral part of the online shopping concept until late 2006 after the “dot-com bubble crash destroyed many unprepared and poorly run online enterprises.

Following the dot-com bubble crash, much lesser online “Deal of the Day” sites just disappeared never to be seen again. This left just well structured and security-minded online “Deal of the Day” shopping sites like “Groupon,” BargainBrute.Com,” and “Amazon” who instigated a greatly expanded network of online shopping sites re-expanding the market to well over 100 online “Deal of the Day Sites”.

Today some of the better-known “Deal of the Day” sites generate valuations of over a billion dollars each, thus making online shopping one of, if not the most popular way people like to do their shopping. However, because of this interest, it has also become one of the most competitive lines of online businesses, a business where only the most honest and comprehensive survive.

Most “Deal of the Day” sites operate with very similar business models, offering several deals for a limited time only, sometimes as short as one day and only to clients who have registered with them via Email. However, some “Deal of the Day” sites such as BargainBrute.Com, give out, “Deal of the Day” deals whether you have registered with them or not, thus making them one of the most popular “Deal of the Day” sites anywhere on the internet. A badge of honor which has not gone amiss as they were recently voted the best place to shop online in 2019, an accolade which this family-run business wears with pride.

If you want to go over and take a closer look at BargainBrute you can so by clicking here”.

So what can we expect from online “Deal of the Day” shopping sites in the short-term?

It has become quite clear that even though the rapid growth of “Deal of the Day” sites took a dramatic tumble back in 2011, those online shopping sites which continued to deal in luxury homeware and high-end food products (of which BargainBrute.Com has ample) did in-fact in 2015, increase global gross revenues of  $873 million to over $4 billion. Thus proving that people still wanted to shop online provided that specialized deal of the day promotions were still operating.

Will this extraordinary growth continue to rise in the foreseeable future?  We can only assume yes. Especially if the U.S. Commerce Department figures are correct, figures which indicate online consumers spent over $517 billion in 2018, an increase of over 15%, an astonishing rise which shows no sign of letting up. Good news for all us bargain and “Deal of the Day” hunters.

At this point, it would be inexcusable of me not to credit the founder of online shopping without whom, we would never have been able to shop or make a bit of money online by opening an online “shopping mall,” something which most of us now take for granted.

To thank this wonderful person we have to go all the way back to the days of disco when rock bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Blue Öyster Cult, Kiss, Aerosmith, Van Halen just to name a few were king of the airways.

By the way, this was before the days of DVDs, or CDs and most people listened to their music on vinyl records, so if you are anything like me and have mountains of vinyl records but do not have a good old fashion record player to play them on, don’t fret. Luckily for us, the nation's number one online shopping mall BargainBrute.Com voted favorite place to shop online in 2019, has just what you are looking for. A complete line of record players all in stock, ready to be shipped to you in most cases free of charge, delivered directly to your door.

Check their online store aptly named Old School Record Players and take yourself back to the sounds of the 1970s and more.


So who was this man who created what we now know as the online shopping mall and who was the first person to shop online?

We owe all of this to the English inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur Michael Aldrich. Who, in 1979, invented a system which would allow the processing of online transactions between one business and another, a system which we now call e-commerce. He then went onto conceive the Teleputer, which was a multi-purpose home computing system, which fused together with a television and the computer base, hence the name “Teleputer.”  His system came with two 360 KB floppy disks, (later models used a 20 MB Hard Disk) a keyboard and a printer.

As to who made the first proper online shopping purchase is something which is up for debate. Some say it was a student in America who purchased some “Pot,” but it is mainly accepted  that it was a little 71-year-old lady named Mrs. Jane Snowball, who bought some items from a local Tesco Super Market located in Gateshead, England in May 1984, using her television remote control.

So what can I expect from BargainBrute.Com and what makes them one of, if not America's favorite place to go to to find those Deal of the Day Bargains?

I guess its all down to the fact that they still are one of the few genuinely family-oriented businesses. Beaming through the worldwide web, akin to a lighthouse keeper guiding its online customers away from the less unscrupulous online shopping operators into the safety of an online company who offer them not only products of the highest quality, but at the best prices possible. Mainly because of their fantastic Deal of the Day policies.

So in ending this short Deal of the Day online narrative on behalf of the wonderful family team at BargainBrute.Com, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you on the inside of America's best place to shop online BargainBrute.Com. Home of the most significant Deal of the Day anywhere on the worldwide stage.

Many Thanks for reading God Bless



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