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how to treat bad breath

How To Treat Bad Breath


Dentist in Wildwood Crest | Cure Bad Breath | Dr. Scott Maslow

Hi, my good friends, welcome to another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article. Today we are going to take a look at How To Treat Bad Breath.

Please be aware BargainBrute.Com reminds you that this How To article is for advice and information only. You should never stop or change any medications or treatments without first speaking with a health professional or your doctor.

Before we get into finding out how to treat bad breath, we must first take a look at some of the things which can cause bad breath in the first place. We will as we go through this article discover some of the major diseases that can flare up if we do not clean our teeth correctly. As you read this narrative, you may find some of the findings quite surprising.

All people can suffer from bad breath, some more than others. However, it may surprise you that bad breath can also be an indication of other underlying health problems, some of which, if left untreated, can be life-threatening.

An example of one of these diseases is "Lemierre's syndrome," which is caused by the Fusobacterium, a severe condition which causes the main jugular vein to swell, so much so, that it forms a potentially fatal blood clot within the jugular vein.

If the above has got your attention, then please read on.

Bad breath is usually caused by the millions of bacteria which become trapped within the tooth cavities in your mouth. The foul smell comes from the hydrogen sulfide gases generated by the disintegration of the food particles as your saliva juices break them down.

The above chemical reaction also produces another foul-smelling gas named "Putrescine," which is in turn generated by the breakdown of the amino acids after the food particles have begun to be broken down by the mouth's saliva. This same bacteria is also the cause of the foul smell which emanates from rotting human flesh and dead organisms; it can also be found in both semen and bacterial vaginosis.

With the above in mind, what better reason do we have to clean our teeth each and every day.

The yellowing of your teeth is often caused by "Biofilm," a sticky coating which covers the teeth and multiplies when it reproduces from its favorite resting place under the tongue.

This fastly multiplying bacteria also creates an overpowering smell which makes it very uncomfortable to be close to any person suffering from it. Furthermore, this extremely volatile condition has been found to cause urinary tract infections, middle-ear infections, bacterial vaginosis, and although rare, diseases linked to cystic fibrosis. It has also been called the nurse's devil as it makes wound healing extremely hard.

If you come across someone who is suffering from "Gingivitis," the chances are that he or she will be standing alone, as the disgusting smell emanating not only from their breath but seemingly from their whole body smells distinctly like 'Poop."

As if the above was not enough, Gingivitis causes a horrid looking yellow pus to ooze from around the teeth which will be swallowed with food when you eat causing many other health conditions such as "osteomyelitis," a severe disease which makes a suffer's bones extremely brittle to the point where bones can be broken just by overstretching.

Gingivitis will, if left untreated, cause most teeth to rot and drop out of their sockets, sometimes as a person eats, mostly because of "Aphthous ulcers" forming in the mouth. These ulcers have also been linked to fungal infections, herpes, infectious mononucleosis, scarlet fever, and even diphtheria.

I think you will agree the above is startling it certainly startled me while I was researching the topic, I even placed on the shopping list "Get a new toothbrush," however, one thing is now sure, I will now ensure that I clean my teeth both regularly and properly from this day on.

So what is the best way to clean your teeth? There are many ways, but the one below is what most health professionals suggest.

Brush your teeth completely utilizing a soft-bristle brush using a good fluoride toothpaste. The toothbrush should be changed approximately every three-four months.

While brushing your teeth, it is essential to clean them in a back and forth circular motion. Remember to be careful around the gums and do not forget to clean both sides of your tongue with a tongue scraper if you have one.

Once completed, then floss between your teeth using dental floss or a water flosser if you have one. Then, when happy, rinse with water followed by a good alcohol-free mouthwash.

Authors note: I did not intend to shock you; however, if this short narrative helps just one person, then I am happy.

Well, my good friends, I have come to the end of another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article, I do hope you have enjoyed the read and while you are here why not pop over to BargainBrute and find out just why thousands of Americans have made them their favorite place to shop online.

See you all tomorrow for another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article and remember, if there is a bargain around, then BargainBrute.Com has it, all ready to be shipped directly to your front door.

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