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how to stay more healthy during the winter

How to Stay Healthier During the Winter

It's winter in North America, a time of the year when many people enjoy going outside to play in the snow or perhaps for those who do not receive any snow, just taking the time to marvel at the beauty of "Mother Nature" while sipping on a hot cup of hot chocolate, or if you live in Canada, sipping a glass or two of Caribou.

However, with winter comes many health-related problems, especially for the young and elderly. In this latest "How To article" commissioned by my terrific friends at America's favorite place to shop online, BargainBrute.Com, we will take a look at different procedures you can do to stay healthier during "Mother Natures" coldest season.

Food for thought, it's hard to imagine, but during last winter, 108,500 people died in the United States of America from winter colds, flues, and illnesses. The United Kingdom saw 36,000 perish while Canada reported at least 5,600 people, all of whom succumbed to Mother Nature's wrath. Authors note: We have not included any deaths or illnesses resulting from the latest "Coronavirus."

Most of what we are about to show you is simplicity in itself and, in many ways, just pure common sense. However, being human most of us forget to do the obvious quite frequently and suffer. So without any further ado, let us explore some relatively simple ways to stay fit during the winter months.


Wash your hands: This is perhaps the most important habit to get into, especially during the traditional Cold and Flu season and not just once a day but regularly, and I do not mean a quick rinse and shake under the tap. You must ensure that you wash them correctly using mild hand soap, under warm running water for at least 20 seconds, and if possible, use an unused paper towel .to dry them thoroughly.


Authors note: When you are satisfied that your hands are clean, do not do what most of us do and hold your hands up to your nose to see if they smell good after washing them, you will transfer germs back to your hands.


Keep warm: Sudden temperature changes, especially the cold, can seriously affect the elderly, young children, and anyone who suffers from a respiratory illness. Bundle up and use layers of different clothing. The layers will trap warm air between them.


Always wash your cold-weather gear frequently, especially items such as scarves and gloves. Germs will build upon them rapidly and with ease.


When using a public washroom, touch as little as possible. Wherever possible, use your feet to push or close a door, never touch the flush mechanism, instead use your foot or elbow.


Get a flu shot at the start of every flu season. Talk to your doctor. He will steer you in the correct direction. Plus, he will usually check you over to give you an idea of just how healthy you are.


Eat a well-balanced diet: This is important as it helps to boost and maintain your immune system. I have to admit that I have a hard time as I love both cakes and sweets, in-fact anything with sugar. However, nowadays, you can combine the two (of course within reason) to get as many servings of veg, soups, and stews every day.


Drink plenty of milk and other dairy products as this will boost your vitamin A and B levels, a sure way to keep the dreaded winter colds and flues away.


To end, make sure you get plenty of fresh air, not the smog type, but clean and sweet country air. Nothing is better to ward off the ravages of winter.

Well, my friends, as you can see, the above is an effortless way to ward off the winter blues, but quite frankly, it's all you need to do. You do not require those expensive meal or fitness programs just let "Mother Nature" and a little bit of common sense do the work for you.

My thanks go to you all for taking the time to read this "How To" narrative, and I would be remiss if I did not thank my hosts BargainBrute.Com, America's favorite place to shop online 2020, for giving me the platform to write on.

Thanks for reading, and don't let those winter bugs stop you from enjoying what can be one of nature's most enjoyable seasons, "Winter."  See you all tomorrow for another How-To article on BargaingBrute's ultimate How-To daily feed.



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