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how to safeguard against ebay scams and frauds

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How to Safeguard Against eBay Scams and Frauds

Welcome to another BargainBrute.Com Ultimate How-To Article. Today we are going to take a look at how you can recognize and protect yourself while trading on the popular eBay trading platform.

Numerous people have been scammed or duped while using eBay. Yes, eBay is a fun place to bid and sell items– but on the other hand, it is essential you understand how to identify a scam, and then learn how to evade them in the first place. If you do not, then you will quickly lose your hard-earned cash to any of the many eBay scams circulating at this moment in time.

So what can you do to avoid any potential scams?

Payment Method: If you are a seller or a buyer I would advise that you join PayPal and use it for all transactions while using eBay simply because eBay owns PayPal, so you can be sure that eBay will help you if you have a problem.

The above simple step can be utilized if you believe fraud has happened, or if you are unsatisfied with the goods once they were delivered. You can sign up for PayPal by clicking on the following link. It is both safe and straightforward to use. “Sign Up for Paypal”

If you are a buyer on eBay and have indicated to eBay that you have a dispute with a seller, if you are using PayPal as your payment option, then eBay will contact the seller on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on other things.

After eBay has contacted the seller, then the seller will have to send proof to eBay that he or she has indeed sent the product requested and that it was in excellent condition, if they cannot do this, then PayPal will happily refund your cash.

If you are a seller on eBay, all the above apply, but you will also protect yourself further when using Paypal as your payment option; by eliminating the chances of receiving bad checks or having the buyer dispute a credit card charge.

Another frequent scam buyers use is the bidding scam. This type of fraud is operated by one person who has set up two separate eBay accounts.

How the above works. The fraudsters or fraudster will place a minimum bid (low bid) on the item you are selling using one of his or her eBay accounts.

Once this has been completed they will then follow with another high submission using the second eBay account; then, just before bidding comes to an end, they will cancel the highest bid or withdrawn it from the auction, leaving the low bid as the winning bid.

My advice is always to ensure that you set a reserve price to receive the cash you wanted in the first place.

If you are an eBay seller, you can further protect your auctions by placing a notice on your auctions page, declaring that you have the right to back out of the sale if you suspect potential fraud.

As both a buyer and a seller, also beware of spoofed emails. These emails appear to be from eBay. The email may claim that you need to verify your information and ask you to log in to your eBay account, using the link provided.

If you follow that link, the site looks exactly like eBay, but it is a scam just to get your eBay login details, as well as your credit card details! eBay will never ask for this.

If you suspect a spoofed email, report it to eBay immediately!

Don’t let scammers ruin your eBay fun! Just use good common sense, and a reasonable amount of caution and everything should run smoothly.

Report suspicious activity to eBay, and if a deal doesn’t feel right, simply back away from it and move on to the next auction.

Well, folks, we have come to the end of another BargainBrute.Com Ultimate How-To Article, I do hope you enjoyed it, and I thank you for your time.

I would also like to thank my hosts BargainBrute.Com America’s favorite place to shop online in 2020 for giving me the platform to write upon. Pop over and give them a try and find out why thousands of American’s have made them their favorite place to find those top quality supplies and gifts.

See you all tomorrow for yet another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article.

Happy online shopping the safe way with BargainBrute.Com.

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