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how to improve your home wifi reception

How to Improve Your Home Wifi Reception

Welcome to another BargainBrute.Com ultimate Daily How-To Colum. Today we take a look at how you can speed up your Wifi Reception in your home.

Wifi, where would we be without it? It would seem that Wifi has been with us for eternity for some of us, so it may come as a surprise to many that it has only been with us for 23 short years.

Before that (1999 introduced to the public), all we had was dial-up, which I am sure many can remember as both slow and tedious while bravely attempting to open just one page of a website. I won't even bother at this stage to mention streaming movies and connecting networks together.

What is a good speed for Wifi? Depending on a few circumstances, If you want to browse the internet, then I would suggest anywhere between six and twelve Mbps suffice.

On the other hand, if you want to get into online gambling or stream videos to your computer, I would suggest no smaller than 12 Mbps.

However, if you are a realist, then I would recommend no smaller than 20 Mpbs. This would allow you to eliminate any lag time (the time it takes to load one page) whatsoever.

Home Wifi range: You should understand that the range of any standard interior Wifi router is entirely dependent on its surrounding environment and location. A standard Wifi Router using a good stock antenna positioned in one of your home's optimal positions should have a range of about 32 meters or 105 ft.

When setting up your Wifi router, consider the following to maintain optimal performance.

1: Place as much of your large furniture to the sides of your rooms. The less clutter between your router and your computer, cellphone, etc., will drastically improve your reception.

2: Believe it or not, any metallic surfaces, including mirrors cooking foil, etc., will reduce your reception.

3: Always situate your wireless router off the floor; vibration can cause a lack of speed.

4: If possible, place your router close to the house's center (top floor if possible). Radio waves travel better if they are flowing down and laterally.

5: As far away from any of your neighbor's Wifi routers as possible, also make sure none of your neighbors is using the same channel as you.

6: Whenever possible, attempt to keep your router away from power cables, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.

 7: If your home office is away from your Wifi router, consider installing a wireless repeater in any suitable electronic store or your internet provider. Better still, why not pop over to one of our hosts ('s) online shopping outlets, there you will find everything you require for your electrical technology requirements.   

All come with easy installation. Just plug them into an electrical outlet close to your computer, no wires to concern you

8: Limit how many devices you have in your home. The fewer your network has, the more reliable your Wifi will be.

9: An effortless but inexpensive way to boost your Wifi router speed is to place a small sheet of aluminum foil behind your router antenna. This will reflect the signal from your router.

To make the above, wrap a sheet of foil around a large coke bottle to curve, then take it away from the container and place it behind the antenna.

10:  It is good form to restart your router at least once every month. It is not a complicated procedure, so do not forget to do so. Just turn it off and wait five minutes and then restart. Let it run for five minutes, and you will be amazed just how faster the speed is

11: Add more antennas ensuring that you set the antennas at variable angles (45 degrees, 60 degrees, etc.). This should then blanket your home with a highly reliable Wifi speed. 

12: Last but not least, you should change your router at least every three years for optimal performance.

Well, my good friends, that is another BargainBrute Ultimate daily How-to article completed. All that is left is to thank both you and my hosts BarginBrute.Com voted America's favorite place shop online in 2020, for giving me the platform to write upon




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