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how to eat well while you are pregnant

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How to Eat Well while you are Pregnant

Hi, my good friends, welcome to another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article. Today we are going to take a look at How to Eat Well while you are Pregnant.

Please be aware BargainBrute.Com would like you to know that this How To article is for advice and information only. You should never stop or change any medications or treatments without first speaking with a health professional or your doctor.

You are pregnant, so as such, it has never been more crucial to eat well, if you do not, then you will increase the risk of complications in both yourself and your unborn baby.

What's more, once you hit your second trimester, then it becomes even more critical, not only should you watch what you are eating you must also ensure you take in a minimum of 300 calories every day. A must for both you and your baby, without theses calories your baby will not grow as he or she should.

You can take in 300 calories a day with minimal effort. For instance, a snack of one glass of milk along with an orange will add up to 100 calories. A lunch of one slice of whole wheat bread along with a half cup of raisins plus a one-ounce chunk of cheese comes in a little higher at 200 calories.

Compare the above with just one doughnut, and you would have blown your daily calorie intake in only one go as the doughnut holds an astonishing 452 calories, plus a staggering amount of both sugar and unwanted fats.

Why should we be so worried about how many calories we are taking in? Quite simply, because calories boost the energy levels within our bodies while at the same time helping the baby to grow in the mother's womb.

Perhaps one of the most important things a pregnant person needs to do is to ensure they eat foods which contain a good amount of protein. Proteins are what amino acids are made of, and form when proteins are digested. If you do not eat enough protein, the body will not create any amino acids, which will then cause the body to be unable to break food down and make the proteins in the first place, and without these, your unborn baby's tissue will be in danger of not forming to its ultimate elasticity.

To ensure you consume a plentiful supply of protein, health professionals advise you should have at least 3 servings of protein per day. Foods which contain the right amount of protein are milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken breast, oats, and cottage cheese; the list goes on as there are many, too many to list in this narrative.

When we eat, we need to ensure we take in as much calcium as we can, especially if pregnant. Without it, not only will your baby's bones not form correctly neither will your own.

Without calcium, bones will become so brittle that even tieing your laces can and does result in broken bones. Since the body cannot produce calcium, we have to find it within other substances, and regularly, as the body loses calcium through our hair, perspiration, teeth, urine and even within our feces.

However, calcium can be found in many everyday foods, so it is easy to find. Foods like Yogurt, cheese, ice cream, fish, and many others all of which contain calcium, making it simple as it can be ingested while eating regular meals throughout the day.  

It might surprise you to know that the human body does not make or store vitamin C, so, for this reason, it is vital to top your vitamin C levels daily. We would recommend you eat at least three servings of food which carries vitamin C, every day.

Without vitamin C, your levels of iron will be diminished to a point where damage to a persons DNA can take place, and when this happens your unborn child will have little chance to form correctly while in the womb.

Add to this that a lack of vitamin C will also cause the body's immune system to not work correctly so the chances of your baby being born fully formed are less than 50%. Fortunately, vitamin C can be found very easily in most foods we eat daily.

The above is a very short narrative about eating correctly while pregnant. There are of course many other vitamins and foods which you can eat while pregnant, we will go into theses at a later date.

Well, my good friends, I have come to the end of another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article, I do hope you have enjoyed the read. While you are here, why don’t you pop over to BargainBrute and find out just why thousands of Americans have made them their favorite place to shop online in America.

See you all tomorrow for another Ultimate BargainBrute.Com How-To Article and remember, if there is a bargain around, then BargainBrute.Com has it, all ready to be shipped directly to your front door.

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