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BargainBrutes Daily Ultimate How-To Column

Welcome to Bargainbrute's ultimate "How To" "Why Did They" and "Where Are They Now" daily column, the world's most simple to read how-to website brought to you by America's favorite place to shop online in 2020. If there is a bargain out there, then BargainBrute has it.

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Today: How far can you drive once your gas warning light illuminates?

If you are anything like me, then you have probably waited too long before filling your gas tank after the dreaded empty light flickers into life. Why do we do this? Let's just say we do it for the thrill of the road or the "I wonder if" syndrome. Whatever the reasons are though, chances are that someone is sitting right next to you saying "I told you so."

However, luckily for us knights of the roadway back in 1956, (yes we did have roads back then) a little known act was passed, named the "Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956)".  It stipulated that there should be a rest stop placed approximately every half-hour of driving including natural stops like mountain views and historical sites.

The above idea, although simplicity in itself, was in-fact first dreamt up by a Michigan engineer back in 1929. He, while out driving his "Model T Ford" noticed that people had stopped alongside the road and utilized a tree stump for their picnic table. He just added a few flowers and tables around the stump, and the rest as we say is history.

So, how far can you safely drive on empty? It varies by car make and model, but all, if you are operating within the American interstate network, will get you safely to a rest area. The 2015 Ford Fusion, for example, will allow you to drive between 35 – 85 miles on empty, plenty to get you to the next stop, the Nissan Altima does even better giving you an extra 81 – 114 miles, a Jeep allows another 66 – 93, the list goes on. Basically, you do not have to worry so enjoy the road and experience life in the fast lane.

A couple of tips which may save you lots of money

1: Be aware, that in most cases, you will not increase your fuel efficiency if you add any type of gasoline additive. Most are a total waste of time and you are just spending money for the sake of it. Any engine cleaning products required for your vehicle are already added to the gas you are buying at the pump.

2: When your engine warning light comes on and just burns with a low amber light do not panic by taking your car to the nearest garage, chances are it is just a loosely tightened or incorrect gas cap. Most times it only takes a bit of elbow grease to tighten the cap.

If the above fails to correct the problem then just disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and reconnect, this will reset the onboard computer usually resulting in the engine warning light switching off. This simple procedure can save you plenty. 

Do not waste your money when choosing between regular or premium gas, the majority of modern-day cars run perfectly OK using regular gas. Premium does not contain any better types of additives and includes the same amount of ethanol as other grades. Once again, it is just another money earner.

In closing, let's not forget the importance of safety and preparedness.


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See you all tomorrow for another Ultimate How-To Column.

Many thanks for reading and most importantly, drive safely and remember, fatigue kills, take time to view the sites at a rest stop near you.

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