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cyber monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, that day of all days when we, the online shoppers of the world, get our chance to save big on our favorite shopping deals of the year. With record sales of over $7.9 billion spent last year, we are apparently an ever-growing group of bargain deal hunters who have seen the light, unlike it would seem those strange people, who persist in going out in the early hours of a cold and wet morning, just for the privilege of being able to line up outside a dank and shuttered store in the main high street or local mall on“Black Friday” morning.

Yes! We, the modern-day shopper, prefer to stay in our pajamas drinking hot chocolate, in the coziness of our own homes, knowing that somewhere, we will find that early Christmas present at a fraction of the cost of what it was, just a couple of days ago, in one of those traditional brick and mortar shopping malls.

Yes, joking aside, “Cyber Monday,” has since its recent conception in 2005, created purely as a marketing ploy, has now grown into one of, if not the most significant e-commerce event of the year, and what's more, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, it has spread to most corners of our Earth, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, France, Germany, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Ireland, Australia, India, Canada, and even Japan. Yes, what started as a tiny and private group of bargain hunters has now changed into a colossal group of like-minded bargain hunters the world has ever seen.

Seeing how large “Cyber Monday” has become, I thought I would look at some of the online companies “Cyber Monday Bargain Hunters” would go to. To find the best “Cyber Monday Dealsof the year, I have come up with, in no particular order, the top four online companies who performed the best last year on “Cyber Monday,” remember they are in no specific order: “Amazon,” “BargainBrute.Com,” “eBay,” and “Shopify.Com.” Why did I pick these four? In a word, security, all of them have incorporated into their online shopping malls security systems, which are quite frankly the best in the world of online shopping. With continued cybercrime threats everywhere on the internet, they should be congratulated for putting their online customer's security concerns and prompt delivery of products above everything else.

Let us take a look at just one of them: BargainBrute.Com.

BargainBrute.Com is a family-run Online Shopping Mall situated in the Rocky Mountains' foothills, Fort Collins, Colorado. I have chosen BargainBrute from the above four simply because of the way they operate. I think many of us older people can think back to the days when you had on every main street a Mom and Pop-operated general store.

The General Store on Mainstreet was where everyone went because they were trusted and operated with actual old fashion family values, something hard to come by nowadays. With this in mind, I found BargainBrute still operated this way. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting up with Douglas Vandergraph and his family, the owners of BargainBrute, will testify to this. They are simply one of the most loving families I have had the pleasure to meet. With their network of 49 separate online stores and 97 warehouses scattered in every corner of America, you can be sure to receive your “Cyber Monday” special deal in most cases the next day after the order, something which many other online retailers cannot do. It is probably because of this that BargainBrute was, in fact, voted the best place to shop online, an accolade which they so dearly deserve, and of course, they stand by the quality of all their products and have one of the top return policies anywhere on the internet. Yes! I would recommend BargainBrute to all.

Online Security this Cyber Monday

It would be remiss if I did not briefly mention the importance of online security, not only on Cyber Monday but throughout the year. Please find below a few suggestions to keep you safe.

1: Protect at all times both your personal data and online data.

2: Always use good passwords for all your accounts. Never have the same password for all.

3: Ensure all your passwords include letters, numbers, and symbols

4: Change your passwords at regular intervals.

5: Check your bank statements to keep an eye out for any fraudulent charges.

6: Do not be hoodwinked into signing up for high-interest credit cards

7: Shop from reputable retailers and sellers as described above.

8: Never release any of your information at a traditional brick and mortar store while at the cashout, i.e., when asked to sign up for a store card at cashout, refuse. The next in line will be hearing where you live, your email, what your home phone number is, more than enough for them to steal your online identity.

The above are just a few pointers for you. Bottom line, if you do not feel comfortable, do not do it, and last and not least, never, and I mean never give any info out over the telephone. This one is one of my pet peeves. For all you guys returning to work the day after “Thanksgiving,” which of course is “Cyber Monday,” do not be caught by the boss while at work shopping online using your companies highspeed internet connection. Apparently, they are cracking down, and some have even been fired for doing so.


Well, my friends, we are nearing the end of another short narrative, so all that is left for me to do is to wish all a very happy and profitable “Cyber Monday” day.

Good Hunting, and don’t forget to visit BargainBrute.Com Voted Americas favorite place to shop online.

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