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7 things to consider when shopping for curtains for your windows

Curtains help set the tone and ambiance of your house.  These are an important accessory that plays a vital part in decorating your home.  They add beauty to your house which is why you cannot ignore them.

They come in different colors, fabrics, and lengths.  They can be custom made, or you can simply buy them off the shelf according to your requirements.  So, if you want to buy the perfect curtains for your windows, here are 7 things that you must consider when buying them.

1. Fabric

While choosing the fabric for your curtain, you must always consider the amount of sunlight you want inside your house.  Some fabrics allow sunlight to penetrate through them while some do not.  So, choose them wisely according to your needs.  Plus, remember, the type of fabric you choose, such as heavy or sheer fabric, will set the tone of your room.  If you have got minimalistic rooms, our Mira Grommet Window Curtain Panels are the right ones for you.

2. Color

The right colored curtains for your windows that match the furniture of your room can help give your room a completely new look.  You can even opt for contrasting colors or choose drapes that match the color of your walls.  It is all about your choice.  If you want the curtains to be more prominent, and the centre of focus for anyone who enters the room, pick a color that is in contrast with the rest of the walls and furniture.  Our Regal Plum/Taupe Grommet Lined Window Curtain Panel is your choice if you want dark colored curtains.

3. Prints or solids

Most people opt for printed curtains if the rest of the furniture in their room is of solid color.  However, solid curtains do not look bad either in this case.  Visit our website to choose your favorite design of curtains for your windows.

4. Length

It is up to you to decide the length of the curtains you want for your windows.  It will be better to have a smaller length that stays a few inches above the floor, if you have got small kids at home.  However, to give a more dramatic look, you can choose curtains that are longer in length.

5. Width

The width of your curtains will depend upon your window frame.  It is important to make sure that the width is ideal so that you do not spoil the look.

6. Trims and accessories

There is a wide range of trims and accessories for curtains.  These add more beauty to your room and make you achieve the perfect effect.

7. Lining

Linings are known to make drapes heavier.  However, these give you the option of choosing how much sunlight you want in your room, and can even help you maintain your privacy. 

So, if you are looking for the best curtains for your home, at we have the perfect variety for you. 






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