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dear senator cory gardener, i love colorado.







 This letter was sent to Senator Cory Gardener by 10-year-old highschool sophomore Sarah Vandergraph as a part of a school project.  Sarah is also the International Fashion Distribution Group Sarah's Fashions owner, a store on


February 11, 2019


Cory Gardener

Senator of Colorado

354 Russell Senate Office Building

 Washington, D.C. 20510


Dear Senator Gardener,

      I am a 10-year-old high school student at Connections Academy, and I am doing a Citizen Science Portfolio for my Gifted and Talented Science class. We are currently learning about clean air and how we can help prevent air pollution. I am writing this letter to inform you about our clean air issue. I have researched about our air conditions and how we can fix them.

     Clean air is essential for everyone’s existence. Emission problems cause people to get sick. It can also permanently damage your lungs or cause cancer. Smog is like poison to us. It is not a good thing to have around. Acid rain is a result of air pollution. When pollutants in the air combine with raindrops, they make acid rain. When this acid rain falls, it makes the environment around it too acidic for animals to survive.

     The first thing that we could do is help with the prevention of wildfires. My ideas include having a shovel or some water source readily available to multiple camping facilities. I also think that we should have deep fire pits with walls to decrease fire spreading risk. I also think that campsites should provide lids for the fires to help extinguish the flames. We should encourage state, community, and national wooded areas of all types to perform prescribed burns. When we do this, we clean out the underbrush, and this helps decrease the severity of wildfires when they do happen.

     The second thing that we can do is help with car emissions. When we drive from Fort Collins to Denver, we can see the smog sitting in the city. It is like this in every major city we have ever lived in. There is a law that keeps people from leaving their car to run into the gas station or anything. This I think should be a nation-wide law. I also think that this law should affect automatic starting cars as well. I think that there should be more frequent emissions checks.  I think they should be required at least every 1 or 2 years. Finally, there should be a lower price on electric cars. If there is a lower price on electric cars, people will be more willing to buy them. Since electric cars have little to no emissions, they will help improve air quality.

     I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to my recommendations. Hopefully, these recommendations will make a difference.       

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Vandergraph




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