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Cologne & Perfume

Good day to you all, and welcome to another short BargainBrute.Com informational narrative. Today we intend to explore the fragrant world of both "Cologne and Perfumes" from its origins in Mesopotamia's remote regions in the year 2000 BC up until modern times.

Mesopotamia, it is here where we are told that a small elderly lady began to distill the oils of flowers in an attempt to fumigate her home against the foul smells of the then sewerless city.

It did not take long for our budding chemist to come up with what we now know as toilet water, or as some people call it "Cologne." However, she noticed that although she had created a pleasant smelling scent, more needed to be done if she wanted the mixture to omit its natural fragrance throughout the day.

She toiled for many a day, then apparently more from an accident than intention hit on the idea of filtering her newfound scent through a network of "Calumus" impregnated soft tissue netting.

How she hit on this idea no one knows, we have to take the word of ancient scholars who were around at the time; however, once she filtered her concoction through this new filter of "Calumas," the now aromatic fluid became thicker, thus allowing it to be placed on the body where it would stay for most of the day.

Obviously a perfectionist, our budding chemist applied the now fragrant mixture to different parts of her body and noticed that if she applied the fragrance either to the back of her wrists or behind the ears, the mixture would be warmed slightly by the bodies natural pulse, which on any human is more prominent in the two areas described above.

So if you were wondering just why perfumes are placed in these areas now, you know, and it is also why we also call the substance "perfume" in the first place, as this now-famous word is taken from the Latin word "perfume," which when literally translated from Latin means "to smoke through" yet another piece of information you can use while at your next pub quiz.

Authors note Calumas, the extract used by our elderly chemist, comes from a plant used in many medicines to treat anything from rheumatoid arthritis to stomach ulcers. However, one of its primary uses is as a sedative, and that maybe is why you may feel a bit more relaxed around a person wearing a lovely smelling perfume.

After researching this, I had to wonder what that little old lady would think if she knew that today her invention generates over US$7.5 million in revenue in America alone each year, a figure according to analysts which is likely to grow at a rate of over three percent every year as more and more people who at the moment spend on average a minimum of $23.00 on perfumes alone every year look for more perfumes.

Well, I think it's time to take a quick look at where you can now purchase some of these modern-day fragrances. Luckily for us modern-day Americans, we do not have to look far. In fact, all we have to do is to travel to the heart of America, Fort Collins, Colorado, famous for its sweeping panoramic skylines and, of course, the world-famous rocky mountains come into mind first.

It is here that you will find one of America's few family-run online businesses BarginBrute.Com, home to America's top bargains and top quality daily online deals. They are also home to perhaps one of the best Cologne and Perfume online collections in the United States.

Pop by just like thousands of other Americans have done already, I am sure you will not regret it, and as a teaser, I have  below included just one of the fine "Cologne and Perfume" bargains you will find at America's favorite place to shop online and with brands like Gucci, Versace all combined with top-selling niche products such as Acqua di Parma and Amouage, I am sure you will find the fragrance you are looking for

Yes, you have arrived just at the right time as the following is probably one of if not the top daily deal you will find anywhere else on the world wide web.

Abercrombie & Fitch, one of the top fragrance suppliers in the world, has got together with BargainBrute and is for a limited time only offering a fabulous 58.09% discount, all delivered directly to your home, which I doubt you will find anywhere else on the Internet.

Pop over now and grab it while you can. At this price, they will not be on the shelf for that long.

How can BarginaBrute manage to sell these high-quality products and get them to your door as quickly as they can? Quite simply, BargainBrute has never forgotten what it was like to start up an online business. It is a long process, a process that many online businesses fail to grasp.

They treat everyone like family, and I include their team of workers, members of the public, and in fact, anyone they come into contact with. They have not, and I can honestly say, will not forget their own family values, values which unfortunately, many other online retailers fail to pass onto their own clients.


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