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2021 - 2022 guide to college life

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Did you know that there are 7021 colleges and universities in the USA? Every year between 2018 – 2027, 20.5 million students will be on the move from every corner of our country. Some of these will be enrolling for the very first time, while others will be returning, perhaps to finish their senior year. This mass movement of people travelling to all corners of our country is both staggering and a logistical piece of modern-day planning.

What do all these courageous students have in common?

Quite simply they all need money to pay for their tuition. With tuition fees climbing every year, it is becoming harder and harder for many to be able to afford to even think of enrolling in a college in the first place. I know you will agree, this is a tragedy for America's future and our young people.

So what is the cost to go to college in America?

To give you some idea just how much one young person requires to go to college. These are the startling facts. In 2018, a student would require a minimum of $42,300 each and every year to pay for courses, accommodations, food, books and equipment, etc.. This is an amount that is just not affordable for many, especially when a student must pay for college fees before they even start a single course.

So what can a parent or a student do to ease some of this cost and also simplify the logistics of getting supplies to the college in the first place?

Well, this is where BargainBrute.Com an “online shopping mall,” based in Colorado comes in. This company is, quite frankly one of the most friendly and organized companies I have ever come across. They have at their disposal 49 separate stores and 97 warehouses scattered all over the USA.  You can be sure to get the best internet deals, and with free delivery shipped out to you the same day of order it's no wonder they were voted the best place to shop online in 2019. Quite frankly, they are a parent or students best friend for getting things sorted out for the new school year.  Colorado State University students just love the Brute as they call it.

It's when you realize the above that it’s no wonder that BargainBrute.Com has become the number one place where students choose to shop for all their online college supplies.

Getting ready for your first college year.

That first year can be one of the most stressful occasions that both students and parents will ever go through in their entire life. Here are a few tips that may help.

Get yourself ready emotionally and remember you will probably be living with someone in the same small room. Don’t be embarrassed about this and always remember that it may be the first time for your roommate as well, so just help each other out and things will work out.

Be careful not to make the mistake of enrolling in too many subject courses. Try and identify what subjects you want to cover before leaving home. Ask your friends and parents what they think you would excel in, and once you have identified them stick to them.

Once you have completed the above two steps, you will be in a position to list the equipment and tools you will need for your first semester, and this is where once again, comes in. Literally, they have a store for all your requirements, and once again instead of you carting this all to your college, they will deliver it, free of charge directly to your college. Of course, if you prefer to have them delivered to your home, then no problem.

A list of what they have in stock ready to deliver is like an Alladin's cave. They have a furniture store, a grocery store,  an electronics shop all stocking whatever school supplies you will need. They also have a clothing store, the list just goes on and on.

Just imagine for a moment that you run short of food, and have to ask Mom and Dad for help. Don’t worry, we have all been there so there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Once again BargainBrute.Com has that covered. All Mom and Dad have to do is get on the website and they will deliver it all directly to your college room free of charge. It saves Mom and Dad so everyone is happy, and you can continue what is essential for your studies.

Let's look at some of the things you may need in your new dorm

Your last two weeks while living at home are going to be hectic with going away parties, saying goodbye, and it is essential to get these things before you leave. Do not forget BargainBrute .Com can deliver all this stuff directly to your dorm ready for the big day. Much better than overloading a car.

Pictures, art, a clock, desklamps, calendar, message board(cork if possible), small space fan, hooks for your walls(sticky ones not nails), under bed storage containers, plants to brighten up the place a bit, mirror so you can see yourself every morning. Air freshener (if possible the essential oil type), laptops and other electronic supplies just waiting for you to order and get delivered right to your dorm door.

You need sleep, and linens like sheets, towels, laundry basket, hangers, an ironing board and iron, and the list goes on.

Do not forget BargainBrute.Com can deliver free of charge all of these items and more directly to your dorm. They will also signal to your classmates how organized you are, always good to make an excellent first impression.



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