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6 ways to avoid colds and flu

Colds and the flu are two of the most common diseases in the world we live in today.  While adults get 2-4 colds every year, children catch 5-10 colds every year since their immune system is not as strong.  These diseases can easily transmit from one person to another.

People today, have been so consumed by the demands of modern life that they cannot afford to miss even a single day at the office.  Even being a little low on health affects their work, which is why it is important for them to stay healthy all the time.  So, if you want to stay strong and active at work, here are 6 ways to avoid colds and the flu.

1. Wash your hands regularly

Washing your hands regularly helps you get rid of all the germs that increase your chances of catching colds and the flu.  According to studies, a percentage of men and women admit that they do not bother washing their hands before coming out of the bathroom.  Every time you shake hands with someone at your office or pick up files, you get more germs on your hands.  Thus, to ensure that you stay healthy all the time it is important to send these germs down the drain.

2. Get sufficient sleep

It may be difficult for you to get sufficient sleep because of your hard routine during the normal day, but when you are suffering from colds or the flu it is essential for you to sleep more.  Your body is tired, and is not able to fight as hard.  Getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night will help.

3. Consult your doctor

If the cold or flu is worsening, it is better that you consult your doctor as soon as possible.  Take all the medicines they prescribe.  At our online vitamin store for cold and flu care, you will find the right medication to strengthen your immune system.  

4. Stay away from people with colds

Stay away from people whom you find sneezing and coughing around you.  It is important to keep this distance because colds and the flu spread easily.  If your family members are sick, and there is no one else other than you to take care of them, take all the precautionary measures first so that you do not end up catching the virus.

5. Build up with healthy food

While you may not be able to keep with a healthy diet during your normal day, it is extremely important for you to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that support your immune system regularly.  Along with this, also ensure you are drinking plenty of water so that you are not left dehydrated at anytime of the day.

6. Work out

People who work out regularly have an enhanced immune system.  It is strong and helps the body fight different illnesses.  Hit the gym daily, even for as little as fifteen minutes is beneficial. 

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