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Where to shop online for clothes

Welcome to you all for another short narrative commissioned by, one of the few family operated online retail shopping outlets in North America.

Today we explore "Where to shop online for clothes".

We will leave you to make your choice as to what online retail outlets are for you, so all the following retail outlets are in no particular order but have been chosen by us as suitable alternatives to our own mega online retailer, "BargainBrute," just recently voted as America's favourite place to shop online.

Yes, BargainBrute has worked hard to achieve the above recognition, and I am sure that if the BargainBrute team, who is based in Fort Collins Colorado, the heart of the rocky mountains continues to add more high-quality bargains to their already incredible product base that they will continue to be the driving force behind the online retail community.

Yes, you will be hard-pressed to find another online retailer who offers their online clients, so many top-level bargains, all in stock and ready to be shipped from one of their 97 warehouses all of which are scattered throughout the North American mainland to ensure prompt and reliable delivery.

So, here are our four recommendations of "Where to shop online for clothes," and as pointed out above, in no particular order.

V.I.M. based in New York, NY, first opened their initial traditional brick and mortar store in Brooklyn, way back in 1977, but as like many conventional brick and mortar retailers they have joined the migration to online selling for quite some time now, and since doing so does have a good reputation with their online clients.

Before joining the online retail shopping community, V.I.M.  were known for their extended selection of sneakers, jeans, clothing apparel and accessories, and after viewing their online website, it would appear that they have indeed carried this wide selection over to their online retail outlets. This is something that many traditional retailers seem to have forgotten to do.

Yes, their move to online selling seems to have been very successful for them as they have attracted an even larger urban clientele mainly because they seem to have many products suitable for all, men, women, and the very young and surprisingly, pricing which seems to fit most family budgets.

When ordering online from V.I.M consider the shipping charges as most deliveries are calculated using the same rates as USPS.

All in all, V.I.M online is definitely worth a visit if you want to shop online for clothes, so my advice, just pop over and have a look.

Next up Airydress.Com initially based in the United Kingdom. This online retailer has had much success in the past few years, and because of this have now built warehouses in Norway, Belgium, Australia, and China, China being their original outlet.

However, be warned when ordering from this company you will be sent products from the warehouse closet to where you are living; and I have to say even though they have a massive product line, some items are not always in stock in the warehouse of your country. However, they do have an extensive product list available at all times so are well worth a visit.

Authors note: Because is an international company, I have while researching this narrative looked into how you order and track your product after you have placed your order, and it does look like they have nailed it, as I will attempt to explain to you below.

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an immediate email authorizing and confirming your order. Once this stage has completed they will then start work on your order, typically delivering to you within six to thirteen days. This may seem long when compared to some online retailers like "Amazon and BargainBrute.Com," but I have not seen many complaints while researching for this narrative.

However, bare in mind that they are an international company so sometimes you do not have as much control on the quality of the products they are promoting.

To end our visit to, I should make you aware that they do have their Autumn sales coming up with clothing items incuding, dresses, Jeans, Shoes, T-shirts and a multitude of accessories.

My advice pop over and give them a visit while remembering, that they are an international company and that their dedicated head office is not in the U.S.A.

Next up is Kirious who are an American company based in Los Angeles. They bill themself as an online women's contemporary retail outlet, specializing in rather cute feminine clothing made out of hand-picked fabrics.

This was the first time visiting this online retailer and was glad that I did as they have genuinely attempted to give their online shoppers an effortless shopping experience, one which is made possible with a simple website layout which is a breeze to understand.

Another plus with this online retailer is that they do offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00 (for any other orders under that figure you will be charged approximately $5.00). However, they do also offer a thirty postage-paid return, add this to their many clothing items then you should have a hassle-free online shopping experience, pop over and let me know if I am correct in my assumptions.

Next, of course, I would be remiss if I did not tell you a bit more about our hosts as they have been so kind as to allow me to bring other online retailers to your attention where you can go to shop online for clothes.

Just the point that BargainBrute allowed me to promote some of their competitors should give you some idea as to BargainBrute's ethics, as they are one of the few companies who are honest enough to offer their online shoppers even more choice as to where to shop online. So for that, I have to thank them.

Pop over and give a visit and have a look at the thousands of high-quality products they have on offer, not only in clothing, of which they have ample, but for their other high-quality genuine bargains all in stock and ready to be shipped directly to your front door from any one of the ninety-seven warehouses they have spread throughout the U.S.A.

Well I am afraid we have come to the end of this narrative. I so appreciate your time for reading and will see you all quite soon with another full online narrative.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph group, and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us today.



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