best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge plus size

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Best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge plus size

Welcome, welcome. If you are in the market for a swimsuit, we hope today to show you where to go to find the best online shopping retailers for the best swimwear for the how shall we say, the more robust of us. We will also explore the lengths both men and women took in the Victorian age, 1850s through to and including 1890s, how they survived to tell the tale goes way beyond me.

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Yes, we have all been there, we are all ready to take to the beaches on our summer holidays, and we realize that our poor old tums may be sagging a bit. So what do we do?

Gladly, as we will learn later, some companies sell swimwear which will help hide our tum or at least rearrange it so that it does not sag quite as much, but first we take a look at what both men and women did to their bodies in Victorian times all just to hide a slightly bulging tummy. The story as you will see is quite astonishing.

Before we get into our rather strange story, let us take a look at what sort of swimsuits are out there.

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Yes, Plus Size Clothing for both both men and women, although it has to be said, mainly women all subjected to what must have been hell, and for what, just to take a few inches off their mid-drift. The Victorian times were as one famous playwright coined, one of the vainest periods in the history of our world.

Picture this, you awake from a blissful sleep to be greeted hanging over the back of a chair a large whalebone corset, and there for all to see were many strings all designed to be pulled tight by a dresser or a maid before then attaching the end loops onto a framework of toggles and fasteners.

Many ladies and some men would spend the first hour of waking being corseted in such a manner, and many would suffer the consequences, including the rearrangement of their internal organs. The liver would be squeezed so tight that it could not function, the kidneys would be drained of any liquid that they were attempting to filter, and the stomach would on many occasions just rupture, causing instant death, for what just to hide a few inches from around the waist.

Yes, they were strange times, and I for one am glad they are a thing of the past. Never before had members of society been so up in arms just for the sake of vanity. On the one hand, preachers ordained that the habit of tight lacing corsets was good for both morality and for health, and while they were preaching this, doctors and health professionals lined up in droves in a somewhat belated attempt to stop the practice.

However, the practice of tight corseting would go on for many years, until many years later journalists began to write condemning the vanity of such practices. It was only then did people start to understand the internal dangers, and the practice would subside.

Authors note: It is sad to say that although the practice of tight corseting began to subside, it was for many still accepted that to maintain a correct posture tight whalebone corseting was required, so the practiseit would go on right up to the end of the 1920s.

As for myself, I for one am glad there are companies like "Amazon," "BargainBrute.Com," and "lavieenrose," where we can go to find a little bit of help to hide our slightly rounded tummies after overeating at Christmas or some other feast, or on the other hand even if we need to plump up our chest size.

Yes, there are companies, and BargainBrute is one of them, who specialize in best swimsuit tops for small chest sizes. There are many out there, so if you are looking for an online retailer to point you in the direction for best online shopping for sundresses then pop over to BargainBrute.Com America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

For myself, I am I have to say, a firm believer in being proud of what I am, and if that means slightly portly then so be it, but I will take any help I can find to soften the impact.

Ok my friends, that's the end of our short story I do hope you enjoyed it. I will see you all tomorrow for another short narrative on what, I do not know as yet but will try to make it as enjoyable as possible.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family, and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us today.


You all stay safe, Kind Regards and happy sunbathing.



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