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Best online shopping websites for clothes

Hello again, it is so nice to be back with another short narrative, once again hosted by America's favorite place to shop online in 2020, "," home to the hottest top online deals and bargains to be found anywhere on the global internet stage.

Today the subject of our narrative will be "what are the best online shopping websites for clothes," both where they are based, headquartered, and maybe along the way one or two home-truths you may not have been aware of before.

Millions of dollars are spent on clothing each and every year, especially online. Why is this happening? Simply because we humans love to look both stylish and attractive. Let's face it we have been acting in this fashion since the beginning of time. Signs are, we are not going to change this habit anytime soon.

To give you some idea just how lucrative shopping for clothes, either for work, leisure, business, or for that fantastic night out, global marketing online retail analysts have estimated that the apparel market in 2020 in the United States alone is now worth $350 million. That means every American is spending just over $1,000.00 every year, big money indeed.

Authors note: The same analysts have also projected that the total market value for clothing sales will increase by a minimum of 3.6% every year, between 2020 and 2025. Where is most of this money coming from? Women's apparel, an incredible $182.5 million worth, so as you can see competition between most of these online clothing retailers is incredible, so let's have a peek at a one or two of them, and see how they all stack up.

ASOS: has always been a fortress of both high fashion and trendy attire garments. Furthermore, they have been known to offer extraordinary deals on some of their clothing designs. You just have to remember to keep going back and seeing what deals they are running each day, as they do change their offers continually, and that is possibly why they tend to have many online shoppers browsing their products at any one time, all of who are searching for just one thing, to find a great deal.

ASOS is a 100% American owned online retail shopping outlet. So in a way, if you shop with them, and for that matter any American owned business, then you are helping the American economy, which at this moment in time needs all the help it can get.

Anyway, now that I have given the American economy a plug, you should know that, just like our hosts "," "ASOS," is also well-known for its unique line of fashion and apparel and will continue to grow if they continue to update their product range as they are doing now.

My verdict, well worth a visit, just make sure you visit regularly.

Boohoo: Once again "Boohoo," are known for attempting to keep all their products at an affordable price and in doing so have notched up quite a good reputation. One which they seem to be improving on as the years go by.

Their product line up is also pretty impressive and includes dresses, tops, swimwear, and just like "ASOS' above has some nice looking alluring fashions for both men and women alike. All in all, they seem to have a great product line up.

I checked through a few of their customer reviews, and to be honest, they did score high on customer satisfaction, always crucial if an online business, or for that matter a traditional brick and mortar retail outlet wants to succeed and continue to pull in the punters.

My verdict like "ASOS," definitely worth a visit.

Lululemon: This site was once only popular with the young of the world but has now grown to become quite a unique online retail outlet popular with all, men, women, and teenagers alike.

This rapid rate of growth, I believe, is because they are continually updating their stock, and also have specialized buyers in-house who are always on the lookout for new trends, fads, fashions, and styles. Add this to their line of high-quality athletic clothing available for both men and women then I think they are onto a winner.

My Verdict: Definitely worth a visit, but visit often so that you can see the new styles as an when they come in.

"PrettyLittleThing": what can I say about this? Analysts tell us that this online retailer has swiftly grown to one of the most popular fashion shops for the ladies around us, mainly because they are continually stocking up on an ever-increasing product lineup of trendy and fashionable clothing of all sorts.

The website, I have to say, has been designed with one sole purpose in mind, to pull the consumer in by displaying intriguing pictures and frames, all of which have been scattered throughout the site.

Authors note: I have to say usually I do not like overcomplicated sites, however, "Pretty Little Thing," has seemed to have hit this design on the head, and as a result, it looks smart and yes, very inviting. Just what it was designed to do, so if you want to make an impression then this online retailer will definitely help you do just that.

My verdict, go over and visit they may surprise you.

Well, it has to be said all these online businesses look wonderful, but you know, I have never seen one of them give a plug to one of their competitors. I guess that's business, however, remember, our hosts, who have instructed me to pen this short narrative does not think twice, for supporting other American online companies or for that matter any American business, as they see it as only the right thing to do. You see they are one of America's few family-operated companies still operating in America, and it shows, they are a ray of sunshine in the cut-throat world of business.

So if you want to find high-quality fashion, or for that matter any product you can think of under the sun, then pop over and join the thousands who have made BargainBrute what they are today America's favorite place to shop online. Bottom line, if there is a high-quality bargain out there, then BargainBrute will stock it, and ensure it is ready for shipping, directly from one of their 97 warehouses all of which are spread throughout the American mainland, directly to your door.

You all take care and stay safe, and I will see you all again tomorrow.

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