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Best online shopping for nighties

Welcome, welcome. If you are in the market for a nightdress or a nightie we hope today to show you where to go to find the best online shopping retailers for both nighties and night dresses.

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Authors note: Please remember any items or products you come across while reading this short article can be found by visiting America's favorite place to shop online

No one quite knows when nighties were worn for the first time. However, way back in 1530 the word nightgown appeared in the Dictionary of Fashion History highlights after a priest known as John Palsgrave, a teacher in the royal household of Henry VIII of England, saw a young girl dressed in a heavily adorned long chiffon gown walking through one of the King's palaces "Hampton Court".

So taken aback with the straight lines of the gown it reminded him of the term "sloppe"(commonly used to calculate the gradient of a slope), a Latin word derived from the word "slupan" or translated into English "slip". Once learning this, he then translated the word "Sloppe," to "nightgown," and the rest is history. The nightie as we know it today was born.

Authors note: My apologies for the complexity of the above explanation, and if you are a tad baffled by the explanation, do not worry as I am, as I am sure many others are also, a bit confused. Anyway on with our story, let's just say he had a very vivid imagination.

The official description for a nightgown, a nightie, or nightdress is as follows: A loose and flowing garment used for nightwear customarily made out of satin, silk, cotton, or nylon with intricate designs embroidered into the neckline bodice or hem, which can be used with another outer garment such as a dressing gown to ensure a lady is presentable to receive surprise guests at a time when she would typically be retired, or tucked up in bed.

Before the 16th century, there is no other evidence of what people wore to go to bed, most apparently slept naked, although some well off people wore a nightcap used to offset the bitter cold in most people's bedrooms. The use of the word nightcap today often referring to an alcoholic drink before going to bed comes from this time, as guests were asked before going to bed if they required the use of a nightcap to keep their head warm.

Authors note: While researching this short narrative I was amazed at how many words derived from the simple nightdress, the word nightshift which today is used to describe nighttime work actually stems from the following.

Once the use of the nightie or nightdress became commonplace, especially between the rich of Western Europe, well todo women took to wearing chemise gowns when retiring to bed. These then became known as nightshifts, the nightie it would seem is not as dull as some would actually make out, so the next time you are working a nightshift, just think, you could be snuggly tucked up in bed wearing your nightie.

So where do we find the Best online shopping for night dresses?

Amazon,, and have ample supplies of nighties, nightdresses, nightgowns for you to choose from.  As an example, has a stunning Womens Embroidery Printing Modal Leisure Cozy Nighties Sleepshirt, comes in black and in two different sizes both small and large with bust sizes 112cm(44.1'') 116cm(45.7'') so will fit you like a glove. Yours after discount, delivered directly to your door for the bargain price of $56.19 just one of the many top-quality bargains you will find when visiting America's favorite place to shop online. 

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Or what about my favorite, a Front Cardigan Sexy Sling Nightdress Floral Lace Sleepwear comes in a multitude of sizes so will fit most. Sizes include Bust Waist Length S229.92-34.6525.98-29, once again yours delivered directly to you home for $27.16 after yet another BargainBrute discount.

Ok that was a few examples to whet your appetite, now on with our story.

Today in the 21st century the nightie, or nightdress and even a slightly shorter version, the baby doll, are still with us. However, for men pajamas became what they would wear to bed, and for a time even female pajamas were made, but it was a fad, and really never took on, (I am glad to say).

One set of female pajamas first marketed way back in 1886 required an enormous quantity of material, four and a half yards of irritating calico flannel, the type of material which would grate and scrape the body, so yes, not only did they look horrid, but they were hideous. So I for one thank the powers to be for knocking them on the head.

Well that's it we have come to the end of this short narrative about the nightie I do hope you enjoyed it, and will see you all again tomorrow for another short story.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph team, and all at, we thank you for shopping with us today.

You all stay safe, Kind Regards from all at BargainBrute America's favorite place to shop online.



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