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9 amazing reasons you must be shopping for chocolates


Chocolates are edibles that comfort people and work as mood-enhancers.  This is why they are useful in times of stress as they can be used as consolation when things are not going your way.  Despite all these benefits, the question remains: are they healthy?

According to research, consuming chocolate is good for the heart, and promotes the circulation of blood in the body and the brain.  Dark chocolate, especially, is full of nutrients that have a positive effect on your health.  So, for all people who think chocolates are not good for health, here are 9 amazing reasons why you must start shopping for chocolates.

1. Rich in minerals

Dark chocolate such as Alter Eco Truffles Dark Chocolate Sea Salt are usually rich in minerals such as potassium, zinc, and selenium which are very good for the human body.

2. Reduce the risk of strokes

According to a Swedish study, it was found that women who consumed more than 45 grams of chocolate a week had lower chances of suffering a stroke than women who consumed less than 9 grams.

3. Improve blood flow and lower blood pressure

Dark chocolates can help produce Nitric Oxide inside the human body, which sends signals to the arteries telling them to relax while ensuring a smooth flow of blood, eventually reducing blood pressure.  

4. It is good for your skin

You may not have heard this before, but dark chocolate is good for your skin.  It contains flavonoids that offer protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

5. Help quiet coughs

Some chocolates contain theobromine that stops one from coughing, as it reduces the activity of the vagus nerve.  Some scientists are even investigating creating medicinal drugs containing theobromine to help patients suffering from severe coughing.

6. It boosts your mood

People who consume chocolates such as Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Almond, that act as mood-lifters, have reported feeling less tensed and less stressed.  Chocolates have phenylethylamine in them that makes your brain release feel-good endorphins.  So, there is no denying the fact that chocolates can help boost your mood and make you feel better in times of depression.

7. Good for mothers and babies

According to a Finnish study, chocolates reduce the stress of expectant mothers.  Added to this, the babies of mothers who consumed chocolates smiled more often than babies of mothers who did not eat chocolates.  So, chocolates help in keeping the babies happy.  For mothers who love cocoa, the Chocolove Holiday Dark Chocolate Bar is a must have!

8. Make you smarter

Since chocolates boost the flow of blood in your body, you tend to stay more alert and pay more attention.  They help you perform your tasks efficiently.

9. Improves your vision

Again, as chocolates improve the flow of blood in your body, more blood reaches to your brain, as well as the retina that helps in improving your vision.

So, if you want to benefit from all the health benefits of chocolates, head over to to buy your favorite chocolates.






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