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It is not just about shiny white teeth and good breath.  Oral care is beneficial for your overall health.  Healthy gums are important for a healthier heart.  Moreover, studies show that good oral care can lead to a healthier pregnancy, reduced gum diseases, detection of oral cancer at an early stage, and even help you lose weight.  How?  Let us have a look.

Important For A Healthier Heart

Studies indicate that people diagnosed with a periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than people who do not suffer from this disease.  Gum diseases, resulting from extended bacterial exposure due to poor oral health, can cause trouble for your heart because these can increase the inflammation level throughout your body.

So, it is important that your dentist knows about your heart health, and family history regarding cardiovascular diseases.  On the other hand, you should get your oral health examined by your cardiologist too.  A problem in either area can trigger a problem in another.

Can Lead To A Healthier Pregnancy

Dental visits become all the more important during pregnancy.  Hormonal changes can cause gum diseases, and lead to bacterial growth in the mouth.  So, if the mother is suffering from poor oral health, there are chances that the bacterial infection in her mouth can pass to her child and cause problems with the pregnancy.  It can lead to complications in birth such as, delivering pre-term babies who are underweight, and more likely to suffer from birth abnormalities and various diseases.  So, it is important for mothers to use the best products to ensure good oral health during pregnancy.

The Link Between Gum Disease And Diabetes

While people suffering from diabetes are more likely to catch gum diseases, gum diseases can contribute to diabetes too since these have an effect on blood glucose control.  With diabetes becoming a common disease these days, it is essential for all to care for their oral health.

Helps Detect Oral Cancer

Regular checkups from the dentist can help you detect oral cancer at a very early stage.  Dentists are trained to examine their patients’ gums, tongue, and lips for any unusual changes that may have occurred.  So, while ensuring all your soft tissues are healthy, dentists can inform you about anything suspicious that they notice during the check-up.

Helps You Lose Weight

Brushing your teeth after you have had your meal signals a full stop to your brain.  This trick can help you with portion control since now, even if you are tempted to eat more or indulge in sweets to satisfy your cravings, your brain will say no.  Do not wait until bedtime to brush your teeth.  Brush them in the evening once you have had dinner to keep good control over your diet.  It will keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

So, if you are concerned about your oral health, click here to get the best oral hygiene products for yourself.






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