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getting toys when shopping increases your childs abilities

Why is play important for your children

Many parents like to spend quality time with their young children whenever they have time off from work. This is because they know that their child is learning and developing at this stage and they want to be with them to see that they are adopting all the healthy habits and learning what they should.

Playing together is something that parents and children can both enjoy, because recreation holds vital importance in a child’s brain development.

Play is important for children of all ages whether it is playing with toys, playing board games or participating in sports. It helps them generate ideas and learn new things. It also helps them build confidence and develop different skills.

The benefits of play

  • It helps children build their imagination: You must have noticed how your child use different objects and transforms them into other objects that they require during playtime. For example, transforming a piece of wood into a boat, etc. It is a sign that they are developing their imagination skills. Hence, imaginative play is important for children.
  • It promotes their social skills: Some children find it difficult to make friends. However, recreational activities give them a chance to make new friends. They learn to participate, share and cooperate with one another. They learn to mix with others and how to take turns. Arranging playdates also helps improve their social skills.
  • It advances physical development: For healthy growth of children, it is vital that they take part in sports activities. It helps them learn different skills such as developing their balance, improving their hand-eye coordination, the art of jumping, running, catching, throwing, kicking, etc. It helps them develop and master different motor skills.
  • It helps children express their emotions:Play is definitely one way that children use to express their feelings. Whether it is through art or physical play, children tend to display their good or bad experiences through play. For example, if your child got pushed or shouted on at school, and the next time when you are playing with them, they do the same to you, it means they are trying to communicate what they experienced that day.
  • It helps them develop the ability to think logically, make decisions and solve problems: Children learn how to respond in different situations while playing games. They learn to evaluate and take decisions.

Learning through play

It is important for parents to ensure that learning is made fun at this stage for children because the more fun it is, the more creative their child will become. Play helps a child feel happy and loved.  

With summer holidays approaching, parents searching for toys and recreational games to provide their children with the best learning experience need access to the toys when shopping.






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