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baby stores give tips to a newborn: how to feed themselves

As babies grow, it is important for parents, especially mothers, to encourage them to self-feed. Many mothers are concerned about how to teach their babies to self-feed. There is a simple technique to it: just encourage them to eat every meal on their own from the very beginning.

Self-feeding plays a significant role in a child’s personal and social development. It makes them feel independent as they build a sense of autonomy. They learn to grasp, and practice their hand eye coordination skills. They develop eating skills, such as how to chew and move food around in their mouths, which will serve them well in the future. 

So, if you are a parent concerned about their newborn and want to encourage them to learn to self-feed themselves, here are a few ways how you can train your baby to do so using tips from baby stores.

Teach your baby to eat with a spoon

Some kids develop the ability of eating with a spoon easily. However, most of them find it very difficult. So, what you can do initially is let your toddlers try using a spoon. Do not expect them to feed themselves. You can give them their own spoon while you feed them. Sometimes they are going to drop it, sometimes they are going to throw it. Just make sure that any utensil you give them is hard to break and safe for them to use, just like our baby eating utensils.

Soon your child will learn to put it into their mouth. Encourage this. Give them hand-over-hand help. Put your hand over their hand and dip the spoon in the food putting just enough on it that it only gives your child a taste. Repeat this process a few times during the meal. Designed especially with little ones in mind, our baby eating utensils can help you teach your baby to self-feed.

Teach your baby to eat from his own bowl

Once you think they have mastered the art of eating with a spoon well, it is time you give them their own bowl, again while you are feeding them. Start by giving them some food in their bowl and keep an eye over them. If they do well at feeding themselves, put more food in their bowl the next time. However, it is likely that they will create a mess, but it is all going to be short lived. With colorful pictures all over them, our baby eating utensils are the right eating utensils for your baby.

Teach your baby to eat with a fork

Teaching a baby to use a fork comes after they have mastered self-feeding themselves with a spoon from their own bowl. So you can start by placing something that can easily be pierced, for example a cube of cheese, on their plate. If they find it difficult to get it on the fork, you always have the option of giving the hand-over-hand help. Motivate and encourage them to use a fork more often.

Getting the best baby eating utensils for your toddlers to use can encourage them to take charge of their own mealtimes. So, if your little one is getting prepared to learn to feed themselves our baby eating utensils are what you need.






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