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7 must-have toys, games, or a hobby for your child

Kids spend most of their time playing with toys.  It is one of their ways to have fun and play.  As a parent, you might be looking to buy them more toys because the old ones have broken, gotten old, there’s a special occasion coming up, or simply to keep your child busy.  Here’s a list of toys you might want to consider buying for your child:

1.     A toy medical kit

Did you recently take your child for a medical checkup and found them fascinated by the equipment used by the doctor?  You can get them a toy medical kit, and equip them with a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, and other medical instruments.  With stuffed animals or even you acting as their patients, it might be fun for your child to play doctor.

2.     Dart board

Get your kids to practice their aim by getting them a dart board.  You can hang it in a different place in the house each time, making it more challenging for them to throw darts and have fun.

Your child can also use the dart board to play with other kids when they visit your home.  Whether they are cousins, classmates, or neighborhood kids, everyone can have a shot at the dart board.

3.     Self-balancing scooter

You can buy a self-balancing scooter for your child to ride on.  They can practice by going around the house and even in the street, as long as you can keep an eye on them.  Kids can even race these scooters, and have their own little competition.  You can even just take them out to the park where they can put it to good use.

4.     Telescope

A telescope might just be the way to develop your child’s interest in space.  Such scientific toys will help your child increase their knowledge of the relevant subject.  You can set up the telescope in their room and they might get into the habit of star gazing before going to bed.  This will even trigger their interest to know more about stars, planets, and the solar system.

5.   Barbie doll

You can buy this infamous cute, little Barbie doll for your little princess.  These dolls come with accessories, and make playing more fun.  They can dress them up, comb their hair, and style them how they like.

6.     Stuffed animals

These soft and cuddly toys are an ideal toy for your children.  They can provide your child with the audience they may need during play time and keep them company during bedtime, assuring a sense of security.  These are available in different sizes and varieties, so your child can choose the one they like best.

7.     Remote controlled car

A remote controlled car is another hobby you can get for your child.  Racing the car around the house, or with their friends is something they will really enjoy doing.

Click the link to finnd more games for your child whether it is their birthday, a special occasion, or just because you want to.






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