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history of cellphones

Cellphones as an extension of humans – New Writing, Technogenesis: CS  2367.04, 2015


History of Cellphones

Good day, and welcome once again to another short informational narrative made possible by our hosts, BargainBrute.Com, who was recently voted Americas favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Today we explore mobile phone's, or cell phones as most people call it, incredible world. Our journey will begin on April 3, 1973, when Motorola sold their first handheld mobile device and will end in the present day, in a world where over 89% of Americans confess to owning a cell phone or smartphone, which today 64 percent of Americans have; Yes, since their conception back in 1973 the world as we know it has drastically changed, it has become a world where everyone seems to demand instant communication.

Yes, we shop online with our smartphones, browse through the world wide web, watch television through our smartphones, and text and make phone calls on them, which is all the inventor of these phones really wanted in the first place.

So who was the inventor of the cell phone, which has now become so essential to most people living in the world it is at times hard to understand just how we got on without them?

The inventor of this extremely intrusive piece of modern-day electronics was a soft-spoken unassuming Finnish inventor going by "Eric Tigerstedt."

When did he propose this? Believe it or not, way back in 1917, yes I said 1917, and I have to admit I had to double-check this date as I found it hard to believe. However, after double-checking this date, I can tell you it is accurate. Yes, this relatively quiet-spoken man foresaw a folding pocket-sized mobile phone made possible by a skinny carbon microphone wire mesh.

Unfortunately for our Finish inventor, it would seem that he was indeed a bit advanced in his thinking as the world did not seem to be that interested in this new form of communication. Hence, plans were more or less put back onto the back burner, and that is where it would remain until the 2nd World War broke out in Europe.

It was then that the world, perhaps for the first time, required a device that would allow its combatants to communicate while out on the battlefield. However, they would have to wait. New technology needed to be found for a mobile form of communication to become affordable and easy to operate.

Flash forward to the year 1973 and two gentlemen named John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, both of who were working for "Motorola," walked into a showroom carrying two rather large and bulky mobile phones, both of which weighed an incredible 4.4ibs each and were too large to be carried in a pocket as envisaged by the Finnish inventor "Eric Tigerstedt" way back in 1917' however, much to the amazement of the onlooking crowd the two of them managed to speak together while standing in two separate rooms, the world from that day on would never be the same.

Yes, companies were quick to see the potential in this new way of communicating. A little after this historic demonstration, the world's first-ever analog automated cellular network was launched in Japan by the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone company, the year was 1979, and for the very first time, people with huge rectangular boxes held to their ears could be seen walking through the streets and talking to a friend or work colleagues, the age of mass mobile communication had arrived.

The above launch in Japon was quickly followed by other communication companies launching their own mobile phones, companies which today are household names, one of the first being the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) which served the Nordic counties of "Finland," "Denmark," 'Norway," and "Sweden.'

However, the mobile industry still had problems, which would probably destroy the newly formed mobile phone industry if not solved. All the mobile devices relied on analog communication signals a system that stopped or hindered making simultaneous calls. The world would once again have to wait for new technology, so once again, the cell phone use stumbled, and few people used them.

Flash forward to the 1990s, and the people of the world first got its hands on digital signal processing, a system that at last allow people not just to make phone calls on their handheld devices but watch a bit of television, shop online, or as many people like to do, browse through the world wide web.

Authors note: It is said that without the cell or smartphone social media platforms such as "Facebook," "Instagram," "Twitter" or YouTube would never have survived, so maybe we should be thanking that soft-spoken Finnish inventor who way back in 1917 first had the idea for a folding handheld mobile device, or if you are like me maybe not as they do at times tend to rule our lives.

Before I forget, why do you not pop over and take a look at BargianBrute's "Cell Phone and Accessories Section," there you will find everything you require to make your smartphone journey a successful one. They not only have the latest smartphone models, but they also have the accessories to go with them, and what's more, all will be delivered the same day of the order or the day after directly to your home.

Well, guys, I do hope you enjoyed our journey through the history of the smartphone. I definitely enjoyed both writing and researching it, and let's face it, I would not have been able to have done this if it was not for that soft-spoken Finnish Gentleman who, way back in 1917, had a vision, a vision which today helps us communicate no matter where we are on our planet, yes today the world is much smaller than it was way back in 1917.

You all take care and stay safe, and on behalf of all at BargainBrute.Com, we wish you all safety and good health.

Kind Regards

See you all later



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