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take care of your cat or kittens with this supply

Your cat might be a soft fuzzy ball of love inside out or they might have a haughty aristocratic vibe to them, but either way, you can’t get over how much you adore them.  There’s so much to love about them - their fine feline movements, how they curl themselves around you when they want to be caressed, or how they express affection with those pretty wide open eyes and purring sound.  However, before we let our inner cat lover take over, let’s talk about a more pressing issue - taking care of your cat.

Cats make very good companions, but before you jump right in and get yourself a cat, you should be aware of how you are going to care for it and provide a safe, happy environment for it to live in.  Before making the decision to adopt kittens, take time out to think if you can make time for it out of your routine and provide it with the care and attention it needs.

Here are some helpful tips that all cat owners should be aware of

  • Safety first: The first thing you should do is steer your house clear of all things that could be a threat to your kitty.  This includes any exposed extension cords on the ground that your curious cat can stumble onto and any plastic bags you might have lying around.  Cats can potentially choke themselves with plastics bags.  Even ribbons or yarns are a hazard as they can strangle themselves while rolling around and playing with them.
  • Although cats are independent creatures, they need some attention from you, their human.  If you work long hours or have a hectic schedule, it is probably best if you adopt another cat so they can give each other company!  And no, this is not the start of your transformation into the crazy cat lady.
  • Get a litter box for your cat right away and place it at some place that is quiet.  Cat owners often like to place the litter box as far away from them and their noses as possible.  But, what you need to understand is that cats have an inherent fear of being ambushed and you want to place their litter box in a place where they feel at ease, a place that is accessible to your cat, low traffic, and private.
  • Cats are intelligent beings and contrary to popular belief, you can teach them things.  Instilling some basic dos and don’ts with your cat can be nearly impossible without using a reward based system.  It may be helpful to know that catnip and freeze-dried chicken nuggets are excellent treats to bribe your kittens into refraining from something or doing it, whatever the case maybe.
  • Before bringing your cat home, take it to the vet for a check up and get it immunized if it isn’t already.  Immunization is a must, because it will protect your cat from airborne zoonotic diseases. Also, get it neutered when the time is right, it will do wonders when it comes to your cat’s happiness and health supply.





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