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how to pack a backpack to go camping

How to pack a backpack to go camping

Good day to you all, and welcome once again to another short narrative made possible by our kind hosts recently voted America's most favorite place to shop online in 2020 with the Best Online Shopping Deals Right Now.

Today we take a look at that essential piece of kit, the "backpack," "knapsack," or "rucksack." Whatever you wish to call it or more essentially how to pack it, what to put into it, and what not to put into it.

Authors note: While reading this short narrative bare in mind that all products we talk about today, including the actual rucksack, can be found at our host's online retail shopping outlet, all of which will be of top quality and, of course, all of them at the lowest prices you will find anyplace on the web.

So on with our story.

Forget the car, forget all those electronics pieces we all carry around with us today and think of the rucksack. A piece of equipment that without you will never manage to visit the woodlands of our country and while thinking of that humble rucksack, think of this, this piece of essential camping gear has been known to save a person's life, so treat it with care as it may also one day save your life as well. So pack it with care, wear it with care, and most importantly, check its contents every single day of your camping trip. It just may save your life.

Your objective when packing a backpack is to spread its contents throughout its interior both evenly and in such a way that all its contents can be gotten to with ease without emptying all of its content on the ground to get at a single snack bar.

Sounds easy. However, for many, it can be a logistical nightmare.

Where to pack your rucksack? Some people like to pack them in their garage, others on the back lawn. However, I like to pack mine in the comfort of my bedroom, were armed with my contents list, I lay out all on the bed, where it can all be examined before packing.

Authors note: Here's a little trick. Go out and find a pair of odor eaters. You know those insoles you place in running shoes, etc. Once obtained, place them at the very bottom of your rucksack. They will not only soak up any unwanted moisture that may get into the backpack but will also make your stuff smell that much better.

First up, place your sleeping bag into a stuff bag, a neat device that allows you to withdraw air out of clothes, etc. Put the sleeping bag into the stuff-bag, kneel on the bag, pull together the drawstrings which will eject most of the air from its content, then, when satisfied, place the whole thing at the very bottom of your rucksack on top of the insoles.

Now it's time for some of the heavier items. Items such as your tent should go next, followed by your cookware. Always place these items as close to the back of the rucksack as possible as this will ensure that they are close to your back and will not pull you back as you walk.

Authors note: If you have any fuel containers, they should be placed inside some of your cooking pots. They will be safe there and will not roll all over the place as you like.

Next, your food and utensils. All these should be placed in separate zippered bags and put evenly on top of your cookware.


Change of clothes: It makes sense to have a complete set of clothes to change easily if you get wet by falling in a stream, for example. These, once again, should be contained in a separate zippered bag and stored stuffed up against the back of your cooking ware. This will not only stop the cookware from rolling all over the place while you walk but will be easy to get to, preventing the necessity of emptying the contents of your rucksack to get at the change of clothing.

Next up: Flashlights, batteries (lots of them and all sizes), water filters are essential if you do not want to become sick during your trip, then any other clothes you think you may require while out in the forests. These clothes should be spread around all the items you have already packed (stuff them in between them).

Mobile phones and a good portable windup or soler-powered radio are a must, so pack these where you can get at them without any fuss. An essential item of your whole rucksack is a well-equipped first aid kit that should also include insect repellents and sunscreen. This should be the last item to pack and should go at the top of your rucksack.

Now comes the time you have been waiting for, the time to try your rucksack on. Once you have placed the backpack on your shoulders, look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Then while gazing at the new you, turn to your side. If you can see any light admitting between your back and your rucksack, then you have not packed it correctly. If this is the case, then tip everything out and start the job over.

Well, my friends, we have come to the end of this short narrative, and I thank you for the time you took to read it. It is most appreciated.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us today.

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