family camping gear packages

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Family camping gear packages

Hello to you all and welcome once again to another short narrative made possible by our hosts recently voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

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Today "Family camping gear packages," where to go to get them, and where to go and purchase all the equipment you will require for your family camping trip out into the wilds of America.

When we look through the statistics of how many Americans went camping in one way or the other in 2016, some staggering figures jump out at us. Apparently, there are over 40 million people over the age of six that went camping in one way of the other during 2016 alone.

Some camped in RVs, others used conventional tents or camped in old log cabins, while others chose the all in camping lifestyle by using nature's own products to build themselves a "Tent".

Even more startling, is the above figure of over 40 million people equates to close to 14% of the total population of America were at any time in 2016 traveling through the wilds of America. A staggering figure I am sure you will agree, yes between them they notched up a mammoth 587 million days out in the wilderness.

Where did all these people go? Most headed to the mountain ranges of Montana, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Let's have a look at a gentleman widely acclaimed as the creator of modern-day camping, a British gentleman's tailor named Thomas Hiram Holding.

Whereas in 1880, camping along the banks of the River Thames just outside London had become popular, mainly because camping gear of that time was somewhat cumbersome and bulky that people sailed in their camping gear by boat, before setting it up on the banks of the river at the point of landing. It was only after our tailor had been on a camping trip with his family crossing the grand prairies of America, did wild camping begin to rise in stature.

He was so enthralled with his camping trip in America that he persuaded a few friends to come on a cycling camping trip across Ireland. After the tour, he decided to write a book about the journey calling it "Cycle and Camp in Connemara".

So popular did the book become that a cycling and camping group formed around the ideas written about in the book. This group would become known as the "Association of Cycle Campers, "later to become the "Camping and Caravanning Club". He later followed up with this book up with "The Campers Handbook," which he wrote in 1908. From that day on camping would never be the same.

Later in the club's history, in 1894, the first-ever commercial camping ground was opened on the Isle of Man near the small town of Cunningham. The site was named rather aptly "Cunningham's camp". Later in 1906, the "Association of Cycle Campers," opened up their own camp in the small town of "Weybridge," which caused the club to merge with others to form what is now known as the "National Camping Club". However, as it was created just before the outbreak of World War One, all camping was placed on the back burner. After the war they received a significant boost when Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the boy scouts, became their President and there you have how this wonderful recreational form of sport was formed.

To learn more about where you can camp and what type of camping activities are available, then contact "The International Federation of Camping Clubs" . An association formed way back in 1932, and they will send you information all free, which will list the many camping activities and site both in North America and Europe.

How campers send their money while planning a camping trip

These figures are from 2016: Adults spent $550.00 on average for camping gear. Half of these purchased flashlights for there trip leading the purchase of flashlights to become the leading camp gear purchase.

Most campers said they had brought new camping gear to replace broken items in their camping backpacks, and nearly all said that any decisions for their camping trips were made long before the intended camping trip date.

Tha basic nessesities to go camping: Bear in mind all this equipment can be purchased from our hosts at unbeatable prices all ready to be delivered directly to your door, the example given below is for one person.

Flashlights, batteries (lots of them), cell phones, GPS system, Cooler, Backpack, Airbed, Tent, Sleeping bag, Propane or liquid fuel lighting, Lantern, Camp furniture and of course foodfirst aid kit and insect repellents. This is just an essential list but will enable you to live out in the wilds very comfortably.

Well, friends, thats the end of this short camping story, and I thank you for your time while reading it, it is most appreciated.

So on behalf of all of the Vandergraph family, and every employee at, together we thank you for shopping with us.

You all have an enjoyable camping trip and when you get back why not contact us. Let us know how you got on, take lots of pictures and show them off.



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