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Camping is one of the most fun ways to connect with nature and explore the environment. It can allow you to seek some of the most incredible places. It can also evolve you to some of the more dangerous aspects of nature.

How you pack can influence your comfort and your ability to enjoy your camping location. This camping packing list from Rocky Mountain Camping Supplies has all the essentials you’ll need for a safe and comfortable trip.  Everything you need for a successful camping trip can be found by clicking on Top Deals.


  1. Weather-ready clothing

Stay warm in cold weather, and cool on hot days by wearing moisture-wicking or dry-fit clothing. Dressing in layers is key to a comfortable camping experience.


2. Sleeping Bag

Resting on a bed of moss and leaves may sound like fun, but it will not keep you warm after sunset. Temperatures can drop significantly at nightfall. Keep in mind, too, that many insects are most active at night. Going without a sleeping bag risks an uncomfortable night's sleep.



Unless you truly want to sleep under the stars (and deal with any inclement weather like a midnight deluge, freak snowstorm or heavy dew, etc., that come on your way), you’ll need a tent. The size and type of tent you choose will depend upon your needs.

4. Water Bottle

It’s necessary to bring a reusable water bottle when camping. You can refill the bottle at your campground’s water spigots or bring extra gallons of water if necessary.

  1. Hammock

There’s nothing like relaxing in a hammock under a shady tree after the long trek. The hammock should be portable, lightweight, easy to clean, and quick-drying.


  1. Camping Stove

A camping stove is convenient for cook meals, especially if there’s no grill at your campsite. It should be lightweight, easy to set up, and made of super high-quality materials.


  1. Solar Charger

A solar charger with a USB hookup can charge your phone, camera, kindle, or any other device through the power of the sun.


  1. First Aid Kit

Use the first aid kit for blisters, splinters, cuts, and other blunders. Keep this one in your daypack so that you can use it out in case of an emergency.


  1. Hiking Boots

A good pair of shoes is essential on camping or backpacking trips whether you’ll be hiking much or not.


  1. Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is the ultimate multipurpose tool of the camping trip. A knife can be used to trim a rope, cut fishing line, dice bait, sharpen a stick, deal with tangled vines, slice cheese or sausage, open a tightly sealed package, tighten a screw, or skin a small animal. Without a knife, such tasks become absolutely impossible.


  1. Rain Jacket

Camping means a few changes of clothes, so it's important to keep them dry. Walking around in moist clothes is not only unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous in cooler climes where hypothermia is a concern. Choose a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket that will accommodate multiple layers of clothes.


12. The Hanging Cupboard

Storing food in an organized way while on a camping trip is a requirement. A hanging cupboard is sure to come in use. It keeps the food up and off the ground. And, you can easily find all of your spices and necessary ingredients to cook a tasty meal.


13. A Portable Camp Kitchen

A portable kitchen will come in handy for short to long camping trips. It has all the required space to hold a stove, a portable sink, and all your cooking gear. The kitchen is designed to be free-standing or set up on top of an existing table.


14. Map

It’s essential to bring a map on your camping trip, especially if the place is new to you. Having a fine map will help you get to your destination without getting lost in the process. A compass is another great navigation tool.


15. Lights

It’s essential to bring a light source on your camping trip. Flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns are great sources of light while camping.


16. Fire Starter

Keep matches, tinder, lint, and a lighter in a dry or waterproof container. Having a fire-starter will help you start a fire speedily to stay warm, cook food, or light up camp. Before you go out camping, learn how to build a campfire the quickest and easiest way.  Also, check fire regulations before making your fire.


17. Hygiene Items

Campground bathrooms do not always stay stocked, so it is a good idea to bring your own hygiene items: pack toilet paper, biodegradable soap, and your toothbrush, and toothpaste. Wipes are great for camping too!


  1. Sun Protection

Carry and wear sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and broad-spectrum sunscreen ( SPF 30) during a camping trip. If you do not do so can lead to sunburn or snow blindness; long-term unpleasantness includes cataracts and skin cancer.


19. Folding Chairs

These chairs are probably too heavy to carry a long distance, but if you're not walking far to your campsite, a few folding chairs can make sitting around the fire much more comfortable.


20. Gloves

Take winter camping gloves that are thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough to allow your hands' free movement (to rig tents, start fires, etc.).


21. Camp Pillow

Camp pillows should be inflatable. They can pack down easily and can be stored right alongside your sleeping bag.


22. Cooler

From food to beers, keeping your cold goods cold is very necessary. The size and make of the cooler of your choice is up to you.


23. Cordage

Cordage is one of the most important camping items when you need to climb steep places, drag game you’ve killed, tie bundles of firewood, and much more. Cordage works many functions like a fishing line, cloth line, food line, and much more.



Camping is a great way to enjoy nature. Preparing yourself with the right gear makes a camping trip easier and stress-free. By bringing these top camping supplies, you can focus on the sweet sound of the tent being unzipped on a dewy morning, the crackling of a campfire, and the freedom of wide-open spaces.


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