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best family car camping gear

Best family car camping gear

Hi to you all, and welcome once again to another jammed packed short narrative made possible by our hosts, recently voted America's favorite place shop online in 2020 with the Best Online Shopping Deals Right Now.

Today a look at how you can convert your van into a camping vehicle, one which you can tour around the countryside in complete comfort and one which you can also display with immense pride to fellow campers.

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What you will require to start converting your van into a recreational vehicle: two large sheets of plywood, a good supply of 2 X 4 lumber, (about six pieces) a quantity of 2 X 6 lumber, (once again about six pieces) a sturdy measuring tape and a circular saw, a good mattress. You may require other small amounts of material, but this list covers the critical stuff.

First up is that all-important bed installed on top of the wooden platform you have made on the floor of the vehicle. While installing your bed, you should ensure that you have constructed storage facilities under the bed.

Authors note: I would advise that you build it entirely inside your van when constructing your bed. Some people have made the bed outside of the van only to find that it is too large to get it into the van when ready.

Kitchen; Many campsites do not have cooking facilities or the facilities to build a campfire which you can also cook upon, so this part of your van's design is essential.

First, cut a portion off one of the sheets of plywood you have purchased. This will give you your countertop surface. Then carefully cut out a square hole (make it slightly smaller than the sink you are going to place in it) this is where you will install your sink. Then build two small frames, one for your portable cooking stove and the other for your freshwater drinking supply bottle.

Next up, you have to construct the legs to support your countertop. For this, use some of your 2 X 4 lumber and build box-shaped support. This will, once screwed to the bottom of your countertop, act as the countertops support. You can also construct drawers if you have the time, which will go under the countertop. A good idea as it will give you an extra storage place for your cooking utensils, and once attached to the wooden walls (the walls you installed at the outstart), your countertop will be installed both ridged and, most importantly, will not tip over when you are driving through the countryside.

Next up that all-important toilet and shower; Many campsites do not have the benefits of bathrooms and showers. You can find both toilets and portable showers online at your favorite online seller., for instance, has a Dock Edge Passport Potty Spacesaver Portable Toilet, with an 8-liter holding tank capability, a built-in 2-section portable flush system with its own bi-directional piston run pump rinsing system. The usual price is $109.20, but after an incredible 20.38% discount going for the low cost of $86.95, a saving of $22.25. Yes, this is just one of the fantastic hot deals you will find at America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Authors note: make sure you line your portable toilet with a garbage bag to enable easy disposal; you can also purchase once again from our hosts BargainBrute deodorizing chemicals to keep the stench down in your newly converted luxury camping van. Your portable toilet, by the way, can be kept out of the way by storing it under the bed within the draws you have slotted in under it.

In today's modern world, most of us carry around a multitude of electronic equipment, "Laptops," "Cell phones," "TVs," to mention three, so you must have some form of portable electrical power supply.

Once again, our hosts over at BarginBrute come to our rescue with a 110v/220v 15v 2a Portable Digital Led Dc Power Supply. This gizmo is full of enhancements, designed especially for mobile phones and other electronic equipment. It is a simple must for any camping trip, and at a rock bottom price following BargainBrutes 9.18% discount at $95.80, it is a must. It will ensure you never miss any critical phonecalls or emergency bulletins ever again. Put, if you are going out into the wildlands, then do not leave home without this.

Ok, folks, we have covered most of the important stuff you should take away with you on any camping trip, whether it is in your new luxury camper or a tent; however, there is one other group you should ensure you take with you and that is "flashlights," and solar lanterns and of course many, many batteries. These can be lifesavers when out in the dark lands of America, so forget them at your peril.

Ok, my friends, we have come to the end of our camping trip. I so appreciate your time in reading this. Have fun in your new camper van, and who knows, maybe we will meet one day when driving through the heartlands of America.

So on behalf of all the Vandergraph family and all at, together, we thank you for shopping with us today.

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