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best car camping gear list

Best car camping gear list

Welcome, all, to another short narrative made possible by America's favorite place to shop online in 2020 As you read through this narrative bare in mind any products you come across in this article can be purchased from BargainBrute, the world's home of best quality products and discounts.

Bottom line, if there is a high-quality bargain out there, then has it, all in stock and ready to be delivered from one of their 97 different warehouses, all of which are situated throughout mainland America.

We recently talked about how you should pack a backpack to get ultimate efficiency out of the product. Today, what type of camping gear you should pack in your car if you want to go on a road trip with it, either just on a weekend camping trip or for extended camping touring experience.

Before we get into our story, just a swift reminder; If you are indeed out on the road, we would advise you to start looking for a campsite no later than 3 pm.

If you do not find a campsite, on no account should you park at the side of the road overnight, logging trucks or any other vehicles traveling at over 100km per hour? If they hit you, chances are they will not even notice they have hit you, you. Of course, along with all others in the car, will be dead.

Our advice is to head for a shopping mall car park "Wallmart" is an excellent choice to spend the night, ensure if told to move by security do so immediately. As mentioned, "Walmart" is a perfect choice. You can even use their facilities in the morning to freshen up before getting back out on the road again. Of course, make sure you thank them before leaving and always leave everything clean and tidy.

Just like the old cowboys of the old wild west, their horse was just not a way of traveling around the country; the horse also acted as their home for most of the year they were out ranching, just like you can use your car while out on the road camping. Of course, there are some minor things you must do to make this possible.

Authors note: You may be surprised by the following statistics, and I have to say rather grim statistics regarding how many people are forced to live out of their cars in America.

In King County, Washington, for example, an area which includes the great city of Seattle, on any given night, over 3,000 people (mainly due to economic hardship) find themselves homeless and, as a consequence, are forced to live out of their cars. A shocking figure in a country that boasts actual family values.

However, homelessness is not the topic of this article; maybe it will be for a later narrative, so, for now, we will push on with how to live in our car while camping.

The trick for using your car for Camping is to utilize every single space, so clear everything from your vehicle that you will not be needing while out traveling the highways and byways of the great USA.

Empty your trunk of everything. You probably, like most of us, have items in your trunk that have not seen the light of day for years, so get rid of the junk once and for all. You will be surprised at how much space you have in the trunk once all the waste has disappeared, and the money you made out of the garage sale when selling the unused items from your trunk will probably pay for that first full tank of gas.

Use the roof. Please pick up a roof rack and pile it high. The more, the merrier. Just make sure you cover up everything with a waterproof covering, large tarp, etc., only in case of inclement weather.

Pack an emergency bag, and make sure everyone who is traveling with you knows where it is. Fill it with batteries (lots of batteries and all sizes) flashlights; duct tape is always good to have, they say you can make anything out of it, jumper cables, road flares a must for those dark country off-highway roads, a fully equipped first aid kit (top of the line do not try and save on this item).

The above emergency kit should also include extra water rations, cash in small denomination bills, snacking food (granola bars, etc.).

Next up, an excellent large-sized plastic-coated roadmap of the area you plan to be traveling through, and in a separate zipper bag pack a utility knife, binoculars, small bungee cords with hooks at both ends to tie down items on your roof rack or even on the sides of the car.

Matches should be packed separate from everything and should be packed in their waterproof ziplock bags, spread out throughout your person and the car. You can also carry a flint if you want to try starting a fire the old fashion way.

Your cell phones should also be kept protected from the elements and have a full charge at all times; you may require your cell phone in cases of emergencies. Bear in mind that in some areas, cell phone reception is not always of the best. You may have to walk higher to find a good reception.

Personal hygiene: No one wants to be sitting in an intimate environment like a car with someone who has not washed for over a week, so ensure all your hygiene products are close at hand, once again in their large ziplock bag. Things like mouthwash, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and your favorite soap, along with a good supply of toilet paper, all once again neatly packed in large ziplock bags (place your name on each bag so that you know what ones are yours).

Authors note: When out in the wilds, avoid scented soaps, deodorants and aftershaves. Animals in the wild do not like these scents, and they can attract many harmful midges and other irritating insects.

Well, friends, that is it for part one of this "Best Car Camping List" we will deal with the other things you need to do with your car if you will go camping in it some other day.

I do hope you enjoyed reading, and I thank you for your time. So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at, together we "Thank you for shopping with us today."

Kind Regards, and we will see you tomorrow for yet another short narrative where we will go. I do not know, but you can be sure I will make it as exciting as possible.

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