best camping gear for couples

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Best camping gear for couples

Good-day to you all and welcome to another short narrative made possible by our hosts recently voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Today we take a camping trip, a trip which will take us into the depths of the forest, where we hope to meet a host of both large and small animals, all sorts of creepy crawlies, and maybe bigfoot himself, who knows.

While on this trip we hope to show you where you can go online to find the best camping gear for couples anywhere on the world wide web and of course all at the best prices available.

Yes, today we will hopefully find all you require to spend a comfortable weekend away from it all, in the forest of your choice, and what's more without breaking your bank account.

Gone are the days when camping was what you did because you could not afford to do anything else. Yes, today camping has evolved into a business which generates millions of dollars in revenues and with at least 77 million Americans camping every year this trend is guaranteed to grow and grow.

To help understand how much income is generated by campers is the fact that Americans purchased US$643 million on backpacks alone, torches and flashlights came in as a close runner up.

New converts to the camping game we are told usually spend between $200- $500 for their first tester camping tryout to see if they enjoy the experience before going on to purchasing more camping equipment. We recommend, before spending further money, all should first complete a "tester camping tryout," as camping is not for everyone no matter how enjoyable it is. However, if you purchase the correct gear then camping becomes an art.

Our hosts, for instance, has a Coleman Popup lightweight two-person tent, which is perfect if you enjoy going to a music festival as a couple. It is very light and literally erects itself with its unique pre-assembled frame, one zippered door, and rainfly which when folded for transport folds almost flat.

Usual price $74.99 but after their very generous 14.80% discount a steal at $63.89 a saving of $11.10.

If you are looking for a larger tent, why not take a look at their Coleman Moraine Park™ Fast Pitch 4-person Dome Tent. Yes, setting up your camp base has never been easier with the Fast Pitch 4-Person Dome Tent. The Fast Pitch system uses unique pre-attached, color-coded poles with snag-free Insta-Clip suspension.

Regular price $129.99 but after their generous 27.12% discount a steal at $94.74. A massive saving of $35.25, Yes, just two of the beautiful bargains you will find at BargainBrute they have many, many more.

For a  successful camping trip, you will have to research your equipment very carefully; it will be too late to check it all out when you arrive at your camping spot, and nothing can ruin your trip more than sleeping in cold and wet surroundings.

Top of your list, of course, is an excellent durable tent, we have already given you two choices above. However, remember if you are planning to camp out in the woods (my favorite place to camp) then choose a waterproof tent, and wherever possible make sure the rainfly is already attached. Your tent should also have vents on at least two sides to facilitate air circulation a must if you want to keep your tent free from dampness.

Authors note: Remember if you are planning to walk around a lot a light tent should be your first option but make sure that it is a three-season tent if you plan to camp out in the winter then use a four-season tent.

A little trick which is often forgotten by new campers is to bring a large tarp. This tarp can be used for a multitude of tasks, but my favorite, and it does work is to spread the tarp under your tent (obviously before you erect it) this will not only keep moisture from entering the tent but will also drive water away from your actual camping area.

Next up is the all-important sleeping bag, plan to spend a little extra on this item, and if you want my advice do not bother with the cheapest one you can find. Get a well-insulated one, these come in one person sizes, or if you're going to snuggle up they do come in a two-person size.

Next up the all-important backpack which we have already spoken about above so I will just leave this one alone here.

Authors notes; Always bring at least one change of clothing more if possible, but no need to take your whole wardrobe and also try and pack clothes which are of the quick-drying variety. A good fleece jacket is also a good idea for the nighttime and of course, a good pair of hiking boots, do not skimp on this item as many a camping trip has been ruined because of bad feet.

Cooking, make sure you bring along a good portable gas stove and matches, ensuring that you place the matches in a closed zipper bag. You can, of course, build a fire pit if you are allowed to do so in your camping area, just make sure you bring some form of grill to place over the fire pit to enable cooking.

A large cooking pot and of course cooking utensils along with knives, forks and spoons and do not, like I have done before, forget the plates to eat from.

Authors note: I personally take a lot of canned, processed food like beans and corned beef and of course spare canteens of water are always welcomed, and of course the essential item on your camping equipment list is an excellent first aid kit which should also include insect repellent and sunscreen.

Well guys, that is the end of this short narrative, and I do so appreciate the time you have given to read it, it is most appreciated.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family, and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us today.



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