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life lesson: shhh.. here is the secret: it is the little things that define us.


It is the little things that define us. We do not eat out very often, but when we do we always end our dining experience in exactly the same way. When the waiter or waitress brings us the ticket we always request 4 pieces of paper and a pen. I give a piece to my wife and girls. We each then take turns writing down a comment or two either about the server or the service the...

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programming your children for success. the human mind is a computer, an electrical switching station that controls the body.


My daughter is home schooled. She is 8 years old and is currently listed as a 7th grader. She tested as exceptional with the State of Arizona as is doing very well. She attends class each day online in a virtual classroom with kids quite a bit older than herself. My 5 year old can read and write and is moving to the 2nd grade already this year. I honestly do not believe...

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important advice for every man


As a businessman, the fact that I am married and have children tells others something about me. Whether others realize it or not they perceive me differently than they do my single counterparts. Married men are usually viewed by others as being more reliable and stable. The fact that you are married shows others that you are not afraid of commitment. Adding children to ...

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motivation and how it is acheived talks about "How to Get and Stay Motivated"

Motivation is a beast. It is simple to become moved, and you end up wrapped up in a whirlwind of enthusiasm. Other times, it is impossible to work out how to inspire yourself and you are trapped in a death spiral of procrastination. This page includes the very best ideas and research about th...

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A Company built on integrity, trust, loyalty, teamwork, and respect. Respect is a simple word built on a simple idea. Every day the choices you make are writing your story. Building your identity. When you respect those choices. When you respect yourself. When you wake up every morning asking yourself "How can I get better today". "How can I represent myself, my co-workers, and this company in a way that makes us all proud to be a part of" Just think about that. Can you imagine what we can do, together, if all of us did that? Every single one of us. This company has been built by people working to build it the right way. That is what, what working for this company has always been about. In the end we are all responsible for each other. That's what a team is. What representing something bigger than yourself means. What representing means. We are here to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. To care for each other, and do both with the love of family for our customers. Those are not exclusive of one another. You only get one chance to have a first start, one shot at a new beginning. We are going to build this the right way. Let's keep building it together.

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  • This is A Company built on integrity, trust, loyalty, teamwork, and respect. Respect is a simple word built on a simple ... Read More

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