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Douglas Vandergraph once said, "Thought, Purpose, and Achievement.  Until thought is linked to purpose there can be no real achievement.  He who lends the nature of his thought to his dreams and desires can do no more and will do no less than accomplish that which he thinks.  You are exactly what you think about, no more and no less."

That is where the power lie...

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thoughts become things

Thoughts become things, and they do. Your thoughts are energy moving through the mind. We can detect this energy and prove its existence with machines designed to monitor it, primarily the EEG. We can actually witness energy leaving the human body using Kirlian photography. Everything around you is energy in one form or another, but all made up of the exact same thin. Consider a glass...

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a vandergraph family secret.......

              It is the little things that define us. We do not eat out very often, but when we do we always end our dining experience in exactly the same way. When the waiter or waitress brings us the ticket we always request 4 pieces of paper and a pen. I give a piece to my wife and girls. We each then take turns writing down a comment or ...

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