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how you can make traveling easier by packing light

In a world where the weight of our belongings keeps us from traveling, minimalist travel might just be the answer. There are reporters who travel around the world for weeks with no luggage. A National Geographic writer and globetrotter traveled around the world for six whole weeks with no luggage. He had all he needed in his multi-pocketed vest where h...

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essential checklist for traveling

Traveling entails leaving behind your home, your comfort zone, to some place you are going to stay for a particular period of time unless you’re migrating.  Our home is basically all our stuff with a cover on top.  All the things you need are there to make your residence a place of solace and comfort.

People who don’t like trav...

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5 travel essentials to make your travel perfect

It does not matter whether you are heading out for a couple of weeks, or planning a short two day vacation abroad, carrying the right travel essentials can make your trip perfect. Here is a list of 5 travel essentials that you must have for a trip without any problems.

1. Glasses Case

Glass cases are always essential to keep your new glasses s...

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5 things you can add to your travel gear

Traveling requires you to move out of your comfort zone.  This means taking only the necessary and essential things along with you, keeping in mind how much you can carry in your suitcase.  Leaving behind essentials may lead to problems on your trip, especially if a need for it arises later on during the journey.

There are a number of things ...

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