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Most retail outlets -- if traditional brick-and-mortar stores, digitally improved stores such as Macy's from the U.S. or even Burberry in the United Kingdom, or internet shops -- assume that a classic three-stage ingestion model. The client experiences a demand, stores to fulfill the requirement, then consumes or uses the product bought (I want shoes, I buy sh...

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mark parker, ceo, president and chairman of nike


Mark Parker, CEO, president and chairman of Nike, is a disruptor in retailing. His creative and innovative activities make him a genuine leader and visionary, therefore he's my pick as the "Individual of the Year" He has initiated many measures since and triumphed cofounder of Nike, Phil Knight, at 2016 as chairman.

Nike in recent years' achievement could b...

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why don't you return your shopping cart? part 1


While some supermarkets are much better than others, it is probably not uncommon to find a few stray shopping carts littering the parking lot to the dismay of shoppers who might believe a parking place is open, just to discover that it is actually being used by a shopping cart. It seems you get a cart, you use it to receive your groceries, and then you return it to...

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why don't you return your shopping cart? part 2

It looked like a straightforward question: Why not people return their shopping carts? It turned into a complete discussion in several corners of the net. Lots of the responses fell in line with the categories but revealed assessments of civility, morality, and economics. Lots of people thought that returning a cart into a corral as it was current (to be clear, the article was not about r...

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amazon could buy target



It takes moxie to go public with a enormous prediction regarding what is going to happen in technology, especially if the prophesy would seismically change the landscape of trade. While lots of people are divining that artificial intelligence will grow like mad this season, which the voice user interface will become a main way for people to interact digit...

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