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as online shopping this holiday season ends, numbers are through the roof for one online business.


"This was a big year", said Douglas Vandergraph, CEO of Vandergraph Worldwide whose Online retail giant is quickly becoming the industries leading competitor of shops like Amazon.

Experts say a couple of things are behind that greater spending: One, customer confidence nationwide is at a record high, said Jeff Green, a retail consultant...

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what some online shopping retailers hate about christmas, makes one retailer see an opportunity.


For online shopping retailers, December is not only the holiday buying season. Additionally, it is holiday return season, when customers opt to send back all of the stuff that didn't match, work or meet expectations.

It's a costly ritual. Online shopping retailers face a much heavier burden, with yields averaging 25 percent of all products purchased as much...

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morroco shopping worth billions


E-commerce is all the rage right now. This booming industry requires no item go unsold, presenting the Moroccan customer with a brand new shopping trend that provides several benefits.  The Moroccan shopper is showing a preference at  With their amazing prices and industry leading customer service it is easy to see why folks are turning ...

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online shopping continues to trend up.



A leap in consumer spending in the last stretch of December should build on a solid start to the U.S. holiday season and help the embattled retail sector beat earnings forecasts, industry research teams said.

The spending increase in December comes before Super Saturday - the last Saturday before Christmas, which often sets the yearly record for r...

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shopping kills the environment


Given the date, it is a near-certainty that a package marking one holiday or another has already landed on your doorstep, and that others are making their way there now.

It's also very possible that you did not stop to think much about the ecological implications of the way the package got there. The majority of us do not, but there are very good reasons to begi...

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