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the must read guide on knife handle materials


Within this guide we are going to be assessing the several kinds of knife handle materials. Knife newbies fall in the trap of supposing the knife handle is an aesthetic option. In fact the kind of handle is very important to qualities of the knife and the functionality.

Now let's take a look handles. These substances can be metallic, artificial, or organic ...

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frequently asked questions about damascus steel


Clients of Frequently ask me about Damascus Steel. This steel has captured the imagination of many and I will do my very best to describe the way it's made and exactly what it is.

The term "Damascus" goes back into medieval western civilizations and describes a previous style of craftsmanship which initially emerged in India around 300...

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how to get that knife super sharp



Knives are a fixture in our lives, be it from office, the kitchen, or the outdoors. What's quite rare however, is somebody who knows how to maintain their knife sharp and the way to differentiate exactly what "sharp" is. This guide will help divulge some secrets to the puzzle that maintaining and creating a knife.

When there are intense lengt...

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guide to knife blade types

We are often asked about the kinds of blades. Here we're speaking about the form of the blade. There are scores of different blade types available but for this article I needed to focus now on the kinds that you'll see on manufacturing knives.

Produce their own layouts and A number of them come in variants as knife manufacturers today try to incorporate something new. Ho...

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a man with class carries a pocket knife like this.

The notion of a Gentleman's Pocket Knife is straightforward -- smaller knives that concentrate on quality of stuff along with a dressy 'public-friendly' appearance that matches equally well with your jeans or suit pocket. Tacticool has no place, these knives aren't meant for piercing body armor gutting deer or even accompanying mall-ninjas. Gentleman's knives are small, fashionable ...

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