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7 toys you can buy for your child

Kids spend most of their time playing with toys.  It is one of their ways to have fun and play.  As a parent, you might be looking to buy them more toys because the old ones have broken, gotten old, there’s a special occasion coming up, or simply to keep your child busy.  Here’s a list of toys you might want to consider buying for your child:

1.   ...

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oral care – it matters!

It is not just about shiny white teeth and good breath.  Oral care is beneficial for your overall health.  Healthy gums are important for a healthier heart.  Moreover, studies show that good oral care can lead to a healthier pregnancy, reduced gum diseases, detection of oral cancer at an early stage, and even help you lose weight.  How?  Let us have a look.


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how to train your baby to feed themselves

As babies grow, it is important for parents, especially mothers, to encourage them to self-feed. Many mothers are concerned about how to teach their babies to self-feed. There is a simple technique to it: just encourage them to eat every meal on their own from the very beginning.

Self-feeding plays a significant role in a child’s personal and social development. It makes them fee...

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why is play important for your children

Many parents like to spend quality time with their young children whenever they have time off from work. This is because they know that their child is learning and developing at this stage and they want to be with them to see that they are adopting all the healthy habits and learning what they should.

Playing together is something that parents and children can both enjoy, beca...

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