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The first modern-day American shopping centre or mall opened in 1956 in Edina, Minnesota, Since that day American shopping malls thrived until their heyday in 1986 when the early signs of problems reared their ugly head and Malls started to lose their flagship stores. This decline would continue up to the current day and as of today shows no sign of easing.

Credit Suisse a Swiss multinational investment bank in 2017 backed up the decline of the average mall by informing us that 20% to 25% of shopping malls would close for business over the next 5 years mainly due to store closures, over 6,000 closed in 2017, and a further 3,000 will probably close in 2018/2019.

So what has happened? A change in the shopping habits of Americans is the apparent answer, their lives are now much more hectic, so most do not have as much time to spend at the local mall, and of course, most own a home computer, which gives them access to online shopping malls like BargainBrute.comor Amazon.

How do we know that the online shopping niche has helped in the decline of the traditional shopping centre?  Could it be that the online shopping malls of America in 2017, set a new record when the average online shopper spent $1,804  per capita of their net earnings?

Furthermore, and even more staggering could be that between the 1st and 21st of November 2017 online shoppers spent $28.6 billion up by nearly 18% year after year, and with Cyber Monday alone expecting to break all records with $6.6 million in income it is quite clear that the “ONLINE SHOPPING MALL” is here to stay.

The above situation is good news for all online shoppers because you can rest assured that online shopping malls will continue to offer us all those tremendous cheap internet deals, daily specials, bargain coupons, and much, much more. Quite a good deal when all we have to do is just click a mouse in the warmth of our own home.

Still not convinced as to why the traditional shopping Centre has declined over the past 30 years? Then maybe it’s because 33% of Americans chose to shop online each week, the monthly total for online shopping is even more significant, figures suggest that an astonishing 69% of Americans buy online each and every month.

So what is it that convinces us to shop online?

We have already mentioned its convenience, but who can turn down those fantastic shopping deals, half off deals, deals of the day the list just gets longer and longer. Yes, you can say that occasionally you can get the same deals at a traditional shopping mall, but you usually have to wait for special events, like Christmas specials, Mothers day specials, with online shopping you can get these deals throughout the year, and once again just by clicking a mouse.

Another great plus for online shoppers is that you can order at a time which is convenient for you. Let's face it, after a hard day's work, most of us do not feel like traipsing around the streets in whatever the weather is at that time, and why should we when you can get top deals by visiting a multitude of deal of the day websites. Will I continue my online shopping adventure? Of course, I will and with the knowledge that I will come across one of the best internet deals out there.

You know, I used to work in traditional shopping centres, I managed a few, and one thing that you learn very quickly is that the catchment area (where your shoppers come from) is 50 miles, that’s if you have one of the larger shopping centres and a lot of luck and the money to advertise it. With online shopping centres, there are no boundaries, the world is your oyster, and yes it's just the click of a mouse away, what’s more, I can find almost anything from best electricity deals to the kitchen sink.

The top online niche shopping malls like Shopify, BargainBrute.comor Amazon. I will stick with these three as I know they can be trusted, and their track record speaks for themselves do something that a traditional shopping centre would never dream of doing. They will offer best daily deal sites, and in some cases, even a daily deal sites list which you can utilise to see just where the best deals are, or you can just open up more than one browser and bobs your uncle, an easy way to compare pricing.

Ever been to a shop and they say that an item they have advertised is no longer in stock, doesn’t it make you mad, you probably went to that shop just because you saw the advert in your local newspaper and what do they say to you? Maybe give you a half fetched apology and a rain check so that you can spend more money and time to come back another day. This is a rare thing if it ever happens at all when you are dealing with a reputable online shopping centre. Why? Because they have it down pat and insured, they have stores dotted around the country all stocked to the hilt,, for example, has 49 different stores, so delivery of your item is no problem.

In ending what should you do to succeed in the online shopping niche, you must build up trust with your clients, your security must be second to none along with your ethics. Without these three commodities, your online business will self-destruct. The three online shopping niche companies Shopify, BargainBrute.comor Amazon I have used as examples have these three commodities and a whole lot more, see you on your next online shopping extravaganza, and please remember, look after that mouse its your link to the world of online shopping.

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